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JobsGivers Terms and Conditions

JobsGivers Terms and Conditions of Use

We render incomparable services to our clients, when it comes to job hunt and career related issues. Our services are second to none in quality. However we have terms and conditions guiding the use of the services on our website, you can find these terms and conditions below:

Important Definitions


This is the person, organization, company or firm making use of the services on our website.



This can be referred to as the entire offer that can be found on our website which are directly given by us but does not cover the ones proposed or rendered by other visitors of our site without our endorsement. For example, if a user offers to render you services through the comment session of our post such services are outside the one rendered by us and the business relationship is strictly between you and that user, so we therefore advise you to tread with caution before going into business relationships with other users of our website who are not our staff.



This is a third party website or organization that may serve ads or sell other products and render services on our site. Example of such organization is Google. Although we may partner with these websites or organizations to render other services to you that are outside our scope of business, we still advise you to visit their websites to check their terms and conditions as well as their privacy policy before using these additional services offered by them as we do not have direct control over their activities.


Job Advertisement

From time to time we shall advertise job openings on our website based on the information we gathered from the recruiting companies. Registered employers and companies may also directly advertise job openings on our website periodically, but we do not guarantee 100% correctness of these adverts. For example, the recruiting company of a particular job advert may decide to suddenly adjust the requirements and the closing date of such job opening without our notice thereby causing discrepancy between our previous advert and the newly amended advert. Although we constantly monitor these job adverts to reduce this discrepancy but we also advise job seekers using our site to always visit the recruiting company through the apply button hyperlinks which are always available in most of the job adverts found on our website to get the most recent details about job adverts before making an important decision as regards application.


Job Applications

Although it is part of our services to create a system that is conducive for job seekers to apply for jobs advertised on our website but we do not guarantee these job seekers that they will finally be given the jobs they apply for. The power and right to make decision, shortlist candidates for interview and select the ones who finally meet the job requirements rest solely on the recruiting company. JobsGivers has no influence over the recruiting company’s activities.


Sales of Products  and Rendering of Services

Some of the products we may sell on our website includes; Job aptitude test past questions and answers, CV samples and other career e-books. We will try as much as possible to give a summary description of what can be found in these e-books in the products description section of our store so as to give our customers enough information about the products to enable them make wise decisions before purchase. These products are not delivered until they are paid for and the payment confirmed by us. When the payment is confirmed, the product paid for is delivered to the customer straightaway, however delivery of product paid with credit card is instant as customer will have access to his or her download straightaway.

There may not be refund of money after payment except this is necessitated by delivery or other shortcomings from our end that is beyond our control.

Some of these products and services may be from third parties and as such we do not guarantee the qualities of such products from third parties even though we will do everything possible to partner with only organizations with unquestionable records. We still advise our customers to make further research on these third parties products from their various websites before purchasing them from our website.


Apply For MeThis is not a recruitment agency service but an online job application service where we help job seekers source for job opening online and also help them submit application for those jobs online. We have two packages in this service; Gold Package and Silver Package, this service is for sale and not for free.We only use this service to facilitate and increase the chance of candidates who subscribed to the service to secure a job by reason of our professional input in the Apply For Me service. There is no warranty what soever either expressly or implied that the subscribed candidates must get a job when paid for the service. Securing any job through this service solely depend on the employers who advertised those jobs. The owner of Jobsgivers.com, staff or agents are therefore not answerable to any job seeker who uses this service for job hunt if he or she failed to secure a job after using the service, but we will however deliver all the services we promised in the Apply For Me service description page and immensely increase the chance of such job seeker getting his or her dreamed job.All payment made for this service are not refundable except in our own honest opinion we failed to deliver the service as a result of certain shortcomings from our end, in that case there may be a full refund of the amount paid by the subscriber but we reserve the right to use our discretion to ascertain the customer that is worthy of refund.


Update of These Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions of using our site periodically without notifying anybody. However whenever there is an update of these terms and conditions, such changes will be posted here.



By visiting jobsgivers.com you have accepted these terms and conditions and everything contained therein shall be binding on you.

For further inquiries, please reach us through our contact form.

You may also want to read our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.