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JobsGivers Privacy Policy

To enable us render the good services we promise you on jobsgivers.com we may have to collect some of your personal information from time to time. Because we respect your privacy, we deem it necessary to let you know these personal information we may likely collect from you and the way we will use them on jobsgivers.com.

Your Names, Email Address Phone Number and House Address

In some cases we may collect one or more of those your personal information mentioned above where necessary. For example when you sign up as an employer or job seeker, subscribe to our job alert, submit CV/Resume, purchase product and services, comment on post, apply for some jobs etc. we collect either your email address, your names, your phone number, your house address or the four of them as the case may be. This information or any other personal details given to us when you take some action in jobsgivers.com are never sold, transferred to third party or even made public except required by the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria or any other organisation that has the legal right to have them or authorized by you to disclose such information.

We only use this personal information to render the services you may request on jobsgivers.com. We also use these your personal details to send you news letters about our latest jobs openings as well as products and services and other necessary information we feel you might be interested in from time to time. We will never spam you or use these personal details against you.


Cookies are tiny identifying files that we release into your computer or mobile gadget when you pay a visit to our website. The work of these cookies is simple, they stay in your devices and monitor your activities so as to enable our system give you a unique work around experience on our website and also help us keep track of our website traffic.

Third party advertiser like Google may also use these cookies and beacons to serve ads on our website, in the process gather some information about you when you browse through our site. This information may include the browser you use while on our website and your IP address. The primary purpose of these cookies is just to gather your geographical location for better user experience and for the purpose of geo-targeting.

However, you reserve the right to reject these cookies if you are not comfortable with them. This can be done in your browser settings menu but this action may however reduce your smooth experience in certain areas of our website.

Log Files

Most websites use log files to analyze users activities on the site, jobsgivers.com is not an exemption. We also use the information in these log files to keep track of your visit to our website, analyze your activities while on our website and collect demographic information about you.

The information contained in these log files include: Your internet service provider, IP address, date and time of visit, type of browser used and your navigation pattern (pages visited) while on our site.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google as a third party advertiser make use of DoubleClick DART Cookies to serve ads through their adsense programme, we may partner with this Google as a third party advertiser to place ads on our website, and when this is done, cookies will be stored on your computer by Google to serve you targeted ads base on your past browsing activities. For instance, if regularly browse sports related websites, Google will likely serve you ads that are also sport related with the help of these cookies stored on your computer or mobile device. But be rest assured that these cookies will never have access to your private information like names, phone number, passwords, credit card details, email address, bank account number etc.

Security of your information

The security of your information is of great interest to us hence we do not take it for granted. We put appropriate measure in place to ensure that the information you give to us are safe. We prevent third parties from having free flow access to your information stored on our database except they are authorized to do so.

Although we will do everything humanly possible to protect your information given to us but we however do not have complete control over your information while transmitting them over the web as no data passing through the internet can be 100% secured by anybody so we do not guarantee their full safety. Hence we advise you to also take some precautionary measures like installing necessary antivirus programmes with internet security on your computer and mobile devise before transmitting important personal details over the internet.

Third Party Sites / Organisation and Their Activities

We may partner with third party sites and organisations, we will do everything possible to ensure we only partner with sites and organisation that have good reputation and unquestionable records, but we do not have control over their activities hence we cannot guarantee your safety with them when dealing with them through our website. We therefore advise you to take precautions by referring to their terms and conditions, disclaimer and privacy policy which are available on their website so as to have idea of their site usage policy. We may also release your data to these third party organisation from time to time when we are in partnership with them for the purpose of rending certain services to them. For example, we may give external employers / organisation access to our resume database and they may have access to your submitted resume on our site for the purpose of recruitment in accordance with the terms of our partnership. We do not have control whatsoever how they process or use your data we released to them and therefore can not guarantee their safety with them either expressly or implied.

Privacy policy update

Periodically, we may update this privacy policy by adding or removing some information in it. We reserve the right to make this amendment without consulting you or any other person making use of this website.

Your usage of this website means that you have accepted everything contained in this privacy policy and any other amendment that may be made on it from time to time.

Our contact

You may want to reach out to us for questions and clarification about this privacy policy, be rest assured that we will gladly respond to you and answer all your questions. You can reach us through our contact page.

You may also want to read our Disclaimer as well as our Terms and Conditions.