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Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) Past Question / Answers


Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) Past Question / Answers

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Download 2021 Updated Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) teachers recruitment exam past questions and answers and get yourself confidently prepared for the upcoming CBT test.

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Product Description

Download SSEB teachers recruitment exam past questions and answers for Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) job aptitude test. It’s a comprehensive Up to date PDF material that will enable you pass the 2021  AKS SSEB CBT screening examination easily and secure your dream teaching job in Akwa Ibom State government.


Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) Exam Past Question Answers

SSEB teachers recruitment usually based their final selection of candidates on their performance in the job aptitude test, that is the reason when ever Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) advertise for secondary school teachers job recruitment they equally fix the date for the screening CBT test immediately. Candidates for this test actually need the examination past questions papers and answers so as to find things easy.

It is strongly recommended that you download our comprehensive up to dates PDF material for SSEB Job aptitude test.


SSEB past questions and answers -PDF Download

Our SSEB past questions and answers for teachers recruitment exam in Akwa Ibom State is usually compiled in PDF download, the document is so user friendly that it can adapt to any device. Candidates can read the past questions on their phone, tablets, computer or print as hard copy if they so desire.


Positions / Subjects Covered By This SSEB Past Question Papers

You will find this material highly useful no matter the position or subject area you applied for, because it covers everything you need to study for teachers recruitment as far as Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board is concern.

Some of the areas for which this material is useful are:

1. English Language / Literature in English

2. Mathematics

3. Geography

4. Home Economics

5. Financial Accounting.

6. Ibibio

7. Computer Science

8. Fine / Creative Arts

9. Economics

10. Christian Religion Knowledge (CRK)

11. Further Mathematics

12. Agriculture Science

13. History.

14. Basic Technology

15. Civic Education

16. Physical and Health Education

17. Chemistry.

18. Physics

19. Biology

20. French


But not limited to the above positions  and subjects areas.


Test Format Of Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB)

Below is the format of AKS Secondary Education Board recruitment exam / CBT job aptitude test, ensure you allow this exam format guide you in your study.

1. Teaching profession questions

2. Mathematics

3. English Language

4. Verbal reasoning

5. Quantitative reasoning

6. Current affair

7. AKS SSEB / UBEB structural questions


Likely Exam Questions To Expect in The CBT Test- Free Download

Our Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) past questions and answers is fully packed with all the likely exam focus questions that will enable you pass AKS SSEB CBT test. However, some free download sample questions are listed below to give you an idea.

AKS SSEB General Sample Questions

1). The common features of most curriculum models are?

A. Objectives and evaluation

B. Objectives and learning experiences.

C. Learning experiences and content

D. Content and evaluation

2). An importance of a lesson plan is that it?

A. Evaluated the learners in the classroom

B. Guides the teacher in the delivery of the lesson

C. Guides the school in implementing its programmes

D. Guides the teacher in planning

3). Which of the theories most emphasize the teachers role?

A. Cognitive

B. Gestalt

C. Instructional Theory

D. Behaviorism

4). Who is the current Akwa Ibom State commissioner of education?

A. Nsikan Linus Nka

B. Uno Etim Uno

C. Nse Udo Essien

D. Samuel Udoh

5). When exactly was Akwa Ibom State Created?

A. 6th March 1981

B. 11 August 1987

C. 23rd september 1987

D. 17 November 1981

6). The number of oranges in three basket are in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5. In which ratio the no. of oranges in first two basket must be increased so that the new ratio becomes 5 : 4 : 3?

A. 3 : 4

B. 2 : 3

C. 1 : 3

D. 2 : 1

7). The angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock when the time is 8:30, is?

A. 80°

B. 75°

C. 60°

D. 105°

8). Which of the options below best complete the sentence below:

His appearance is unsmiling but ……


A. His heart is full of compassion for others

B. he looks very serious on most occasions

C. people are afraid of him

D. he is uncompromising on matters of task performance

9). Which of the options below best complete the sentence below:

Despite his best effort to conceal his anger ……


A. we could detect that he was very happy

B. he failed to give us an impression of his agony

C. he succeeded in camouflaging his emotions

D. His anger was burn out of greed

10). George Orwell’s Animal Farm” is a classic example of—

A. Injustice

B. Social Stratification

C. Injustice

D. Social Diversity

11). The traditionalist view curriculum as?

A. Organized knowledge learners must learn

B. Innate knowledge learners should be guided

C. Societal Expectations to acquire

D. Societal Needs to learn

12).Which of the following special need disability classification is most difficult to identify and define?

A. intellectual disability

B.Learning disability

C. emotional disability

D. autism

13). The school is an example of?

A. two social class

B. one social class

C. multiple social class

D. inter disciplinary class


14). Methods of educating children with intellectual Retardation exclude?

A. physiological method

B. text exchange

C. picture exchange

D. permissive method

15). Which of the government bodies below is mainly responsible for educational sector in Akwa Ibom State?

A. Akwa Ibom State Universal Basic Education Board

B. Akwa Ibom Teaching Service Commission

C. Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Education

D. Akwa Ibom State Educational Coordinating Board

16). What is the full meaning of SBMC?

A. School Based Management Committee

B. School Based Monitoring Committee

C. Scholarship Based Management Committee

D. Scholarship Based Monitoring Committee

17. Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Education has how many zonal educational offices?

A. 13

B. 11

C. 12

D. 10

Answers To The Sample Questions Above

Q1. A

Q2. B

Q3. D

Q4. C

Q5. C

Q6. D

Q7. B

Q8. A

Q9. A

Q10. B

Q11. A

Q12. B

Q13. A

Q14. D

Q15. C

Q16. A

Q17. D


Sample Questions / Answers Based On Various Subjects

Below are some sample questions and answers from some selected Subject to give you idea of subjects specific questions.

We can’t give you sample questions from all the subject now but we will just give you few to give you an idea. No matter your subject you can go ahead and purchase the PDF copy and you will be good to go.


1.  The term “accounting period” is used to refer to the

  • A. time span during which taxes are paid to the inland revenue board
  • B. budget period, usually one year, relied on by the accountant
  • C. time span, usually one year, covered by financial statement
  • D. period within which debtors are expected to settle accounts

Correct Answer: Option C


2.   Assigning revenues to the accounting period in which goods were sold or services rendered and expenses incurred is known as

  • A. passing of entries
  • B. consistency convention
  • C. matching concept
  • D. adjusting for revenue

Correct Answer: Option C



1.  A piece of land is said to be on lease to a farmer when the land is

  • A. inherited from the father
  • B. given to him as a gift
  • C. given as compensation
  • D. purchased on credit
  • E. given for a specified period on rental basis

Correct Answer: Option E


2 .  The problems associated with land tenure through inheritance include the following except

  • A. small land holdings for family members
  • B. hatred among family members arising from land sharing
  • C. right of individuals to free use and control of inherited land
  • D. individuals being restricted to their plots
  • E. difficulty to sell part of the inherited land

Correct Answer: Option C



1. Members of a society are expected to adhere to societal values for the following reasons except?

A. enhancement of development

B. Improvement of self dignity

C. reduction of social vices

D. relegation of morality

Correct Answer: Option D


2. An attribute of honesty is

A. tolerance

B. justice

C. compromise

D. liberty

Correct Answer: Option B



1 . Abraham is portrayed in the bible as

  • A. The miracle worker
  • B. The lion of Judah
  • C. The giver of the laws
  • D. The father of the faithful
  • E. The almighty prophet of Jehova

Correct Answer: Option D


2. Moses led the children of Israel through the

  • A. Sahara desert
  • B. Lion’s Den
  • C. Dead sea
  • D. valley of the shadow of death
  • E. Red sea

Correct Answer: Option E



1. Suppose that the equilibrium price of an article is N5.00 but the government fixes the price by law at N4.00, the supply will be

  • A. The same as equilibrium supply
  • B. Greater than equilibrium supply
  • C. Less than the equilibrium supply
  • D. Determined later by government
  • E. None of these

Correct Answer: Option C


  1. A budget deficit means
  • A. That a country is buying more than is selling
  • B. That a country is selling more than is buying
  • C. That a government is spending more than in takes in taxation
  • D. That a government is spending less than it takes in taxation
  • E. That a government is spending as much as it takes in taxation

Correct Answer: Option C



  1. Which of the following phenomena is not directly related to the revolution of the earth?
  • A. seasonal changes
  • B. varrying duration of sunshine hours
  • C. unequal solar radiation on the earth’s surface
  • D. night and day
  • E. the tropics

Correct Answer: Option D


2.  Which pair of activities would you NOT find in an equatorial climate?
1. commercial grain farming. 2. rice cultivation. 3. lumbering. 4. plantation agriculture. 5. dry farming

  • A. 1 and 2
  • B. 2 and 5
  • C. 3 and 4
  • D. 1 and 5
  • E. 2 and 3

Correct Answer: Option D



1. In the game of golf a hole made in two strokes is called _______.
B. deuce
C. bogey
D. par

The correct answer is B.


2. A swing in golf is counted as a ___________.
B. strike
C. stroke
D. hit

The correct answer is C.



1. A plant which grows on another plant without apparent harm to the host plant is called

  • A. a parasite
  • B. an epiphyte
  • C. a saprophyte
  • D. a predator
  • E. a hermaphrodite

Correct Answer: Option B


2. Given the equation:
6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2 {Under sunlight & Chlorophyll)

The process represented by the above equation is

  • A. proteinsynthesis
  • B. respiration
  • C. photosynthesis
  • D. transpiration
  • E. translocation

Correct Answer: Option C



1.  A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is

A. Keyboard

B. Plotter

C. Scanner


E. None of these

Answer: Option C


2. Which protocol provides e-mail facility among different hosts?





E. None of these

Answer: Option B



1. Le principal personnage de sans famille, c’est

A. joli-coeur
B. rémi
C. mére Barberin
D. vitalis

Correct Answer: Option B


2. Un genre littéraire qui s’érit sous forme de dialogue s’appelle

A. un conte
B. un piéce
C. un roman
D. un poéme

Correct Answer: Option B



Your subject may not be among the sample questions, Just go ahead and pay for the PDF because we can”t give samples for all the subject now.

The above sample questions and answers are just a tip of the eye’s berg, it’s just to give you an idea of what to expect. It is strongly recommended that you purchase our complete up to date Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (SSEB) teachers recruitment past questions and answers material for a real indpth study and preparation for the CBT test. The material has over 500 exam focus past questions and answers for maximum study and preparation.


Exam date is 18 – 20 March 2021

The examination date for AKS SSEB is 18th to 20th March 2021, this is the more reason why you have to get this material as early as possible for timely preparation for the teachers recruitment CBT test.

Important Advice for Our Customers:

Kindly know that only few websites actually have genuine exam materials. We recently noticed that some scam websites usually copy our sample questions on our products description pages and repost them on their scam websites making it look as if they too have the past questions. Some may even copy our entire product description here and republish it. Please don’t be deceived, remember what you are paying for is the actual PDF file which they don’t have. You are not paying for the advert on their websites.
We have thousands of past questions to write about, so we may not be able to write detailed description about this particular material now or give much sample questions. But we can assure you that the material will be very useful to you. Remember, it's not our description here that really matters but the actual material you will get after payment. You may want to scroll down the page to read our customers reviews / ratings to see what other buyers are saying about us!
This past questions and answers material was last updated this year 2023.

How to Download the PDF File

This exam past question papers material is available in PDF download, to get the complete up to date year 2023 version, you can either make payment online with your ATM card or do a direct mobile transfer, USSD or bank deposit:

Price: ₦3,000

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Product Disclaimer:
JobsGivers is neither affiliated to this company / agency non endorsed by them. We get our exams materials from in-depth research, feedback from candidates who wrote the exams in the past and sometimes we may be privileged to get test resources from certain testing agencies. Questions in our materials are either based on past exams questions, likely exams questions or both. Candidates have shared testimonies with us about questions being repeated from our materials, but we do not guarantee repetition of questions, however the material will surely guide you to success.

Customers Reviews / Ratings

See what some customers who bought this material and other past questions from our store are saying about us. Their reviews and testimonies will give you an idea about our credibility.

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    • @ Ijeoma:

      This is amazing, we are really excited about your wonderful review after purchasing our TRCN exam past questions and answers. Good to know we were able to serve you this much.
      We wish you the best in your TRCN CBT test

  3. Gotten the past questions now.
    Though I took a risk of transferring the payment but I was relief when it was finally sent to my mail.
    Will be back for proper review after exam.


      Thank for appreciating our NIS exam past questions, it’s pleasure and will wish you the best in the upcoming CBT test

  4. I’m so glad that I meet you just exactly when I need, I rated you 5 star because you are not a fraudulent service charges. Keep up the good work, may your network never run down. Amen

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      Wow! I’m so glad to know that you rated us 5 star after purchasing our EFCC recruitment exam past questions. Surely we will keep up the good work as God continue to back us. Best of luck.

  5. I paid and received the material instantly which is nice and detailed, thanks so much for the service

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      We are happy to know that the Nigeria Immigration Service past past questions you purchased from us meet your need.
      It’s our pleasure and we wish you the best in the upcoming NIS CBT test.

  6. It’s so exiting to see other people good reviews, I’ll looking forward to mine after the exam

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      It’s our pleasure, best of luck in your FSB CBT test

  7. The material is a very nice one..
    Thank you very much

    • @ Doris:

      You are welcome, it’s our pleasure.

  8. @ Prince Arinze:

    Thank for your review, best of luck

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