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RSUTH Internship Job Past Questions / Answers


RSUTH Internship Job Past Questions / Answers

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Download Rivers State University Teaching Hospital RSUTH past questions and answers for 2021 graduate internship and job recruitment CBT test. Get the updated pdf document and simplify your preparation for the ever difficult screening examination.

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Product Description

Download exam past questions and answers for Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH) for internship / job recruitment also known as Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital (BMH) ineternship exam. This is an up to date pdf material that will enable candidates preparing to write the RSUTH internship / job CBT test pass with ease.


Rivers State University Teaching Hospital Internship / Recruitment Exam Past Questions and Answers

RSUTH is ranked among the largest hospitals in the Niger Delta. The facility has 365 licensed beds, and 14 wards/units and 738 medical staff members. Their job recruitment and graduate internship CBT test is usually tough as that is the criteria for  selecting candidates for employment. To make preparation easy for candidates, we have taken the stress off their shoulder by compiling regularly updated Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH) exam past questions and answers in PDF download.


RSUTH  / BMH Internship Positions Covered by this Past Questions

With this past question papers answers candidates can easily prepare and write Rivers State University Teaching Hospital exams for all internship job recruitment positions (both medical and non-medical roles).

We have various materials for different  internship areas like:

  • House Officer
  • Intern Pharmacist
  • Intern Medical Laboratory Scientist
  • Intern Nurse
  • Intern Physiotherapist
  • Intern Radiographer
  • Intern Optometrist etc.

We also have for several other areas not listed here.


RSUTH / BMH Intern Exam Format

Bellow is the format of RSUTH exam format for graduate internship and recruitment examination screening is usually courses / professional questions based so as to test the candidates knowledge in his or her medical field, you may also expect to see some few general paper questions. it’s highly recommended that you allow this format guide you in your study and preparation.


Likely CBT Test Questions to Expect

It is highly recommended that you download our PDF version of Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH) past questions and answers because it’s compiled with likely exams questions in mind. This BMH material will really make your CBT test a complete walkover as there is also a high chance of questions being repeated from the material.


Free Sample Questions for some course areas

See free sample questions below based on different course areas / positions

Pharmacist Intern Questions and Answers


1. Which of the following is indicated for severe nausea and vomiting?

A. Benzodiazepines

B. Dexamethasone

C. Phenothiazines

D. Serotonin antagonists

Correct Answers: D


2. If the patient is taking phenytoin for seizures, which of the following drugs should be avoided?

A. Lansoprazole

B. Omeprazole

C. Rabeprazole

D. Pantoprazole

Correct Answers: B


3. Which drug can prevent formation of NSAID induced ulcers?

A.    Metronidazole

B.     Mesalamine

C.     Misoprostol

D.    Methotrexate

Correct Answers: C

Nurse Intern Questions and Answers


1.  A patient’s cardiac monitor frequently sounds false rate alarms. Which nursing intervention is indicated?

A.  Ask the patient to lie still

B. Adjust the high and low rates on the alarm

C. Shut the room door so the alarm will not disturb the other patients

D. Set the alarms on silent

Correct Answers: B


2. A nurse in charge in the pediatric unit is absent. The nurse manager decided to assign the nurse in the obstetrics unit to the pediatrics unit.  Which of the following patients could the nurse manager safely assign to the float nurse?

A. A child who had multiple injuries from a serious vehicle accident

B. A child diagnosed with Kawasaki disease and with cardiac complications

C. A child who has had a nephrectomy for Wilm’s tumor

D. A child receiving an IV chelating therapy for lead poisoning

Correct Answers: C


3. The systematic problem-solving approach towards providing individualized nursing care is known as?

A. Nursing care plan

B. Nursing process

C. Nurses practice act

D. Nursing record

Correct Answers: C

Radiographer Intern Questions and Answers


1. An example of particulate radiation is?

A. Gamma rays

B. X-rays

C. Cathode rays

D. None of the above

Correct Answers: C


2. The cathode and anode are parts of an x-ray tube. The anode is negatively charged.

A. The first statement is correct. The second statement is wrong

B. The first statement is wrong. The second statement is correct

C. Both the statements are correct

D. Both the statements are wrong

Correct Answers: A


3. In the construction of an  x-ray tube, the function of a step- down transformer is to?

A. Convert the line current of 110 volts to less than 10 milli ampeares

B. Convert the line current of 110 volts to less than 10 volts

C. Convert the line current of 220 volts to less than 10 volts

D. Convert the line current of 110 volts to less than 100 amperes

Correct Answers: A

Medical / House Officer Intern Questions


1. Which of the following is not a contagious disease?

A. Typhoid

B. Measles

C. Influenza

D. Hysteria

Correct Answers: D


2. The first homotransplantation of kidney was performed by?

A. R.H. Lawler

B. Rolf

C. Miller

D. Barnard

Correct Answers: A


3.  Laparotomy is associated with?

A. female sterilisation

B. male sterilisation

C. brain surgery

D. incision and abdomen

Correct Answers: D

Medical Laboratory Scientist Intern Questions and Answer


1. Ova of parasite Trichuris trichiura has which type of characteristic appearance under the microscope?

A. Round shape

B. Oval shape

C. Barrel shape

D. Spherical shape

Correct Answers: C


2. In peripheral blood film examination, band form is associated with?

A. P. falciparum

B. P.malariae

C. P. vivax

D. P.ovale

Correct Answers: B


3. The following classes of lymphocytes are not infected and destroyed by HIV except?

A. CD 4

B. Macrophages

C. CD 8

D. Monocytes

Correct Answers: A

Optometrist Intern Questions and Answer


1. You want to stain your patients eye with NaFl. Which anesthetic would you use with the NaFl and why?

A. Gastroscope


C. Cystoscope

D. Endoscope

Correct Answers: A


2. Your patient has a soft contact lens that cannot be removed at the moment. Which tonometer should you avoid using?

A.    Goldman

B.     Tono Pen

C.     I Care

D.    DCT

Correct Answers: A


3. Which of the following is not a symptom of uveitis?

A.    Pain

B.     Redness

C.     Photophobia

D.    Superficial keratopathy

Correct Answers: D

Physiotherapist Intern Questions and Answer


1. Which is not a type of physiotherapy?

A. Neurology

B. Ophthalmology

C. Cardiorespiratory

D. Orthopedics

Correct Answers: B


2. Using high-frequency sound waves to treat deep tissue injuries is also known as…….?


B. Ultra Sound

C. Laser Therapy

D. Shortwave Diathermy

Correct Answers: B


3. The classical test for hip arthritis is?

A. Abduction of the hip

B. External rotation in hip flexion

C. Internal rotation of hip in flexion

D. Thomas test

Correct Answers: C

General Paper Questions and Answers


1. Who is the chief medical director, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH)?

A. Dr. Mrs Chinwe Owabie

B. Dr Ovunda Lawson

C. Dr Fiday Enwumelu Aaron

D. Dr Chinda Okechukwu Samuel

Correct Answers: C


2. Which year RSUTH established?

A. 1914

B. 1925

C. 1960

D. 1989

Correct Answers: B


3. Who is the permanent secretary, Rivers State Civil Service Commission?

A. Kikpoye Philip

B. Dakuku Harry

C. Wali Azunda

D. Iboroma James

Correct Answers: A

We just gave you free three sample questions each from various field in RSUTH Intern exam to give you an idea of what to expect. It it highly recommended that you purchase and download the complete PDF document for better preparations. If you do that,  RSUTH / BMH exam will be as easy as ABCD for you.

The materials are compiled separately for various field, remember to tell us the your position / field when sending us payment details.

Important Advice for Our Customers:

Kindly know that only few websites actually have genuine exam materials. We recently noticed that some scam websites usually copy our sample questions on our products description pages and repost them on their scam websites making it look as if they too have the past questions. Some may even copy our entire product description here and republish it. Please don’t be deceived, remember what you are paying for is the actual PDF file which they don’t have. You are not paying for the advert on their websites.
We have thousands of past questions to write about, so we may not be able to write detailed description about this particular material now or give much sample questions. But we can assure you that the material will be very useful to you. Remember, it's not our description here that really matters but the actual material you will get after payment. You may want to scroll down the page to read our customers reviews / ratings to see what other buyers are saying about us!
This past questions and answers material was last updated this year 2023.

How to Download the PDF File

This exam past question papers material is available in PDF download, to get the complete up to date year 2023 version, you can either make payment online with your ATM card or do a direct mobile transfer, USSD or bank deposit:

Price: ₦3,000

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We believe a useful material from us for an average price of ₦3,000 is far better than a useless material randomly gotten elsewhere for a cheaper price. Remember, the internet is full of junks and you can be lured with a cheaper price. You can click here to read our customers reviews to see how they are rating our products.


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Product Disclaimer:
JobsGivers is neither affiliated to this company / agency non endorsed by them. We get our exams materials from in-depth research, feedback from candidates who wrote the exams in the past and sometimes we may be privileged to get test resources from certain testing agencies. Questions in our materials are either based on past exams questions, likely exams questions or both. Candidates have shared testimonies with us about questions being repeated from our materials, but we do not guarantee repetition of questions, however the material will surely guide you to success.

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    Will be back for proper review after exam.


      Thank for appreciating our NIS exam past questions, it’s pleasure and will wish you the best in the upcoming CBT test

  2. The material is a very nice one..
    Thank you very much

    • @ Doris:

      You are welcome, it’s our pleasure.

  3. Gotten the past questions
    Thanks… After my exams I will come back for a better review 😊

    • @ Cynthia:

      Thanks for your review Cynthia, we wish you the best of luck in your internship exam. Cheers!

  4. I sent mine few minutes ago, still waiting to get my file, hopefully it will be sent on time, so I can prepare for tomorrow…

    • @ Tamunolo:

      The material had long been sent to your email already, few minutes after payment. Please check your mail.

  5. They are trustworthy
    My pdf just landed now

    • @ Stanley:

      I’m glad we were able to help. Best of luck

  6. Great product, made payment and got the questions and answers right away on my mail

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      Nice to hear that you found our NERC stage 2 exam position based past questions great.
      It’s our pleasure

  8. Nice

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      Thanks for your feedback

  9. Quick response and friendly interactive. The document should be of help and make me a flying colour in the forthcoming of NERC CBT exams. Thank

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      I’m glad you found the material helpful, thanks for appreciating our service. But we were expecting a rating of 5 star after praising our service, but unfortunately you gave us 3 star.
      All the same, thanks for your patronage. We wish you the best of luck in the NERC / TESTMI computer based test. Cheers!

  10. Job well down!
    I received the questions and answers within a short time and the questions are well arranged.

    • @ Chinenye faith:

      It’s our pleasure, good to know you appreciate the Anambra State Teachers Recruitment Past Question you bought from use.
      Best of luck in the online test

  11. Am gladly I could receive the past question within a limited time and I found it help full three start till after the success

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  12. Nice material.

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  13. I am trill by your quick response. It’s real no doubt about it

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  14. Thank so much I rate you that stars because the PQ has been leading me to where to read and I have nothing to say than saying thank you
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    • @ Ope,

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      We are glad we were able to help.
      Best of luck in your entrance examination.

  15. I gave it three stars because I just acquired the PQ and, I appreciated the customer service.

    I’ll definitely be back to drop an indepth review once I’ve gone through it and taken the exam.

    Thank you.

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8 reviews for RSUTH Internship Job Past Questions / Answers

  • Jane Emeka

    I just got my material today.
    I love the fact that the materials are well compiled.
    Hope to come share the testimony when I pass the examination.
    Thanks guys 👍

    • JobsGivers

      @ Jane Emeka:

      Thanks for your review Jane, we wish you the best of luck in your Rivers State University Teaching Hospital Internship/Job test.

  • Betty

    Nice material.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Betty,

      Thanks for your feedback

  • Ademola Oluwafemi

    It’s quite helpful. Gave an insight to likely areas of concentration.

  • Ehinomen Akhidue

    I’m glad I purchased the past question. I had almost no idea what to expect in the exam. But after going through it, I knew what areas to focus my reading on.
    I wrote the exams already. And I came out smiling.

    • JobsGivers

      @Ehinomen Akhidue,

      Waooo! All of us at JobsGivers HR Services are so excited that you came out of RSUTH internship exam hall smiling after preparing for the exam with our RSUTH internship past questions and answers.

      We are glad we were able to help and your test was a success.


  • Okoye Oluchukwu

    The past questions is a very nice one ..
    Keep it up

    • JobsGivers

      @ Okoye Oluchukwu,

      Thanks for your feedback, best of luck in your BMH intern intake test.

  • Opara Ruth

    This is good revision material. Even if I don’t get to see most of the questions on my exam day, it has really helped me intensify my reading. Thank you Jobsgiver.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Opara Ruth,

      Thank you very much for at least letting us know how we are doing, with God helping us we will keep up the good work.
      Best of luck in your RSUTH / BMH internship exam

  • Blessing

    I was skeptical about getting it since it was an online platform. But it worked out perfectly,I got the past questions and it’s very useful. I like that the answers are highlighted on each question and not written together seperately.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Blessing,

      Good to know that you found our Rivers State University Teaching Hospital internship cbt test past questions material very useful. It’s our pleasure to know that you are happy with our service. We wish you best of luck in your BMH intern exam.

  • Damian

    The platform kept to their word. Even on a weekend, when I thought things won’t go as planned. Wow. Jobgivers is second to none.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Damian,
      Thank for your positive feedback after purchasing our RSUTH Internship exam Past Questions / Answers. It’s our pleasure, we wish you the best of luck in the CBT test.

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