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Osun State TESCOM Exams Past Questions


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Osun State TESCOM Exams Past Questions

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Year 2024 Updated Copy - Computer Based Test - CBT / CBAT, Written Exams & Online Assessment:

This is the complete updated PDF material for Osun State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) teachers recruitment exam / computers based test – cbt past questions and answers. Candidate who lay hold on this material before the Osun TESCOM job aptitude test date will surely find the exam a walkover because chances that they will repeat questions again is very high.

Get your copy and you will surely share your testimony with us just like other candidates who purchased this PDF material in the last Osun State Teaching Service Commission recruitment.

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Product Description

Year 2024 Up To Date Copy For the Aptitude Test, Computer Based Test (CBT) & Online Assessment:

Updated exams past questions and answers for Osun State Teaching Service Commission  recruitment is available here for download to enable you pass Osun TESCOM recruitment aptitude test without stress.

This CBT exam past questions and answers pdf material for Osun TESCOM is what you need to succeed in the upcoming computer based test as questions are usually repeated from past exam.

Download Osun State Teaching Service Commission TESCOM Recruitment Exam Past Question and Answers

The PDF download for Osun TESCOM past questions and answers teachers recruitment test is what you need so as to boost your confidence when approaching the CBT test as this is an up to date comprehensive exam past questions of Osun teachers recruitment.

Interview Questions of Osun TESCOM Recruitment Exam / CBT TEST

The interview questions of Osun Teaching Service Commission recruitment test are highly tricky. so it is better to get yourself well informed about the format of their CBT exams / interview questions before writing the test.

Osun State TESCOM Aptitude Test Format

The aptitude test format is very simple, their exams questions are usually derived from the following question format and based on computer based test – cbt:

  • Deep questions about Osun State Teaching Service Commission
  • In-depth teaching professional questions
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative reasoning
  •  English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Current affair
  • General paper


Likely Sample Questions to Expect in Osun TESCOM Job Test

1. Which of the theories most emphasize the teachers role

A) Cognitive

B) Behaviorism

C) Gestalt

D) Instructional Theory

Correct Answers: B

2. The traditionalist view curriculum as

A) Organized knowledge learners must learn

B) Innate knowledge learners should be guided

C) Societal Expectations to acquire

D) Societal Needs to learn

Correct Answers: B

The criteria for assessing student teachers’ practical exclude the following

A) introduction

B) examination

C) interaction

D) conclusion

Correct Answers: D

4. What is Osun State postal code?

A. 230001

B. 530001

C. 360001

D. 230201

Correct Answers: A

5. Osun State has how many senatorial districts______

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Correct Answers: B

6. Osun State Ministry of Education is under the umbrella of Osun State Teaching Service Commission is.

How truth is the above statement?

A.  True, this is the case

B. False. the reverse is the case

C. Partly Truth, the complement each other

D. Can’t say, not logically applicable

Correct Answers: B

7. Osun TESCOM manages which arm of education in the state?

A. Primary

B. Junior secondary

C. Senior secondary

D. Tertiary

Correct Answers: C

8). Who is the chairman of Osun TESCOM?

A. Akinrinola Adekunle

B. Barrister Jola Akintola

C. Mr Temitope Mustapha

D. None of the above

Correct Answers: C

9. Under which administration was Osun state created?

A. Gen Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida

B. Gen Sani Abacha

C. Gen Olusegun Obasanjo

D. Gen Yakubu Gowon

Correct Answers: A

10). If Segun were to sell his chair for ₦720, he would lose 25%. To gain 25% he should sell it for:

A. ₦1,200

B. ₦1,000

C. ₦960

D. ₦900

Correct Answers: A

Let the Cost price of the Chair is X.
SP = X – 25% of X
720 = 0.75X
X = 960
CP = ₦960
So, To gain 25%, SP would be
= 960 + 25% of 960 = ₦1200

11). A Makinde sells goods to a customer at a profit of x% over the cost price, besides it he cheats his customer by giving 880 g only instead of 1 kg. Thus Makinde overall profit percentage is 25%. Find the value of x?

A. 8.33%

B. 8.25%

C. 12.5%

D. 10%

Correct Answers: D

% Profit = 25 /100 = 20+x/880

→ x = 100
Net % profit = 100 x 100 / 1000 = 10%
= 10%

12). If 10 persons can do a job in 20 days, then 20 persons who are two times stronger than the previous 10 persons can do the same job in how many day?

A. 5 days

B. 40 days

C. 10 days

D. 20 days

Correct Answers: A

By work equivalence method,
man × days × work = MAN × DAYS × WORK
10 × 20 × 1 = 20 × 2 × x
→ x = 5 days

13). It was him / who came / running / into the classroom.

The sentence above is broken down in parts with a forward slash. Identify the part of the sentence that has grammatical error.

A. It was him

B. who came

C. running

D. into the classroom

Correct Answers: A

It was him should be replaced with It was he
As complement of the Copulative verb is Nominative case.

14). Olajumoke started a small scale bakery business January last year in Ilesa which has managed to survive in a big business this year with another branch in Osogbo in spite of the ugly economic situation in Nigeria because she is ABOVE BOARD.

The idiomatic expression in the sentence above means that Olajumoke’s business survived because she is _________?

A. hard-working

B. above her competitors

C. intelligent

D. honest

Correct Answers: D

15). How many generations is computer classified?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Correct Answers: C

Each PDF material is also includes specific subject based questions that a candidate applied to teach. For example: Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, Literature etc. But we can not give sample questions for all the subject now but ensure you let us know the specific subject you applied to teach when sending your payment details.


The free Osun State Teaching Service Commission -TESCOM exam past questions above are just general overview to give you a clue as to what to expect, when you purchase the complete up to date PDF you can be sure of a better preparation as questions are repeated from past exams most time,

You may want to check the reviews of previous buyers of this material to see how the material helped so many candidates pass the last Osun TESCOM recruitment  cbt test.

This past questions and answers material was last updated this year 2024 for the written exams, online Assessment, Computer Based Test.

How to Download the PDF File

This exam past question papers material is available in PDF download, to get the complete up to date year 2024 version, you can either make payment online with your ATM card or do a direct mobile transfer, USSD or bank deposit:

Price: ₦3,000

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Due to the cost of sourcing for this material, ₦3,000 is the best price we can sell it for now to enable you have value for your money and also help us keep this website alive, remember products with cheaper prices are not always the best. You may click here to read our customers reviews to see how they are rating our products.

Click the online payment link above to pay online with your ATM card or do a direct transfer to our bank account. If you do a direct transfer, after payment send us the name on your bank account to verify your payment and your email address to receive the material. Send the details to us via whatsApp.

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Customers Reviews / Ratings

See what some customers who bought this material and other past questions from our store are saying about us. Their reviews and testimonies will give you an idea about our credibility.

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  1. OJ

    I was kind of skeptical about this because it took longer than expected for me to receive the file. But i eventually got it and i have to say it’s legit and i recommend using this site when preparing for any aptitude exam / test

    • J


      Thanks for your review, it’s our pleasure

  2. DD

    I never knew I can get the material here, I already thought they may be scammers but I thought of taking risk. The risk is worth taking. I got a comprehensive file. God bless jobgivers.com. it shows that we still have some reliable Nigerians

    • J

      Dovoeke Daniel:

      It’s our pleasure, we wish you success in the LSSB cbt test

  3. OK

    The product is so great and helpful, I hesitated before sending money but took the risk and was happy it was not a scam.

    • J

      @ Oke kehinde:

      Thank you very much Kehinde, I’m glad we were able to need your need with regards to the Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Agency past questions and answers you purchased from. Best of luck!

  4. PN

    I give you guys a good rating. I love your work. keep up

    • J

      @ Pharm. ND:

      Thanks for your great rating, it’s our pleasure

  5. F

    Thank you so so much. You made my examination (EDO SUBEB CBT) easy for me today with the past questions i bought. I am so grateful. At least i was being sceptical to purchase because of trust but i’m glad i took the bold step. Thank you Jobsgivers. I am so grateful.

    • J

      @ Faith:

      This testimony is so interesting, nice to know that the Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) eaxm past questions / answers PDF you bought from us made your exam easy for you. I’m glad we were able to put a smile on your face. With God helping us, we will surely keep up the good work. Cheers!

  6. OD

    Tested and trusted!

    Thank you so much

    • J

      @ Osagie Destiny:

      Thanks for your review, it’s our pleasure

  7. OB

    I want to appreciate JobGivers for RSUTh past Questions material. I wrote the internship examination today and I must confess even though the questions were not similar but at least it acted as a preparatory Guide. The exam was a success by the Grace of God.

    • J

      @ Ogolo blessing:

      Wow! What a great testimony after your Rivers State University Teaching Hospital internship exam. I,m glad our past questions material has pushed you to success. Yes, sometimes questions may be a little bit different because of the way exams generally works but but our materials will still help you figure out the correct answers. Nobody actually prepares for any exam with our pdf materials and got stranded in the exam hall.

      Best of luck Blessing.

  8. J

    @ Josh:

    You are welcome

  9. J

    @ Joel Oselen:

    It’s our pleasure. Thanks for your review

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5 reviews for Osun State TESCOM Exams Past Questions

  • Bolarinwa

    The material is very helpful.kudos to you. The red ink used for the answers made it easier to understand.

    • JobsGivers

      Thank you Bolarinwa Happy study.

  • Bolarinwa

    Thanks a lot .

  • Olaoba Rukayat A

    Well, the material is very good, kudos to you people. Really appreciate.

  • Olaoba Rukayat A

    Well, the material is very okay and nice. Kudos to you people. Really appreciate your efforts so far.

  • Popoola Ruth

    The material is helpful and d way d answers are indicated with a red ink makes it easy to study. Thanks

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