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Npower Exams Past Questions and Answers 2021


Npower Exams Past Questions and Answers 2021

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This Npower past questions and answers material has the complete list of all the collections of questions in N-power database written by different candidates in the past. The questions papers is in PDF, hurry and download your copy as you register for 2021 Npower recruitment.

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Product Description

Download Npower exams past questions and answers 2021 to prepare for batch C recruitment screening aptitude test, this questions papers are in PDF. Shortlisted candidates for the 2021 N-power recruitment are highly advised to get this up to date Npower past questions and answers materials of the examination written by the last 2016 and 2017 batches for Nigeria Federal Government empowerment programme.

Remember, the screening test for this 2020 / 2021 Npower job recruitment is online CBT and this material is compiled from the last Npower batch A and Batch B test questions. Hence it’s something you will really find very helpful to fight your way through.


A Quick Glance About Npower Empowerment Programme

Npower is a federal government empowerment scheme geared towards the eradication of poverty in Nigeria, it’s a two years programme that has both graduates and non graduates categories. Listed Below are the available categories of Npowers and this 2021 updated exams past questions and answers also cover these areas:


1. N-Power Teach

2. N-Power Health

3. N-Power Agro

4. Npower Tax

5. Npower Creative

6. N-Power Tech Software

7. N-Power Knowledge


National Social Investment Management System – NASIMS

The new N-Power batch C programme will run under the newly created platform called National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) based on the exam format of the previous Npower beneficially. So it’s strongly recommended that all 2021 batch C beneficially under NASIMS should get this updated comprehensive past Npower questions and answers for in-depth preparation and final success in the test.


Time Duration of the Test

Npower test usually last about 35 minutes on the average. You can see that the time duration for the exam is usually short so speed and accuracy is highly needed to sail through the assessment.


2021 Updated Npower Exams Past Questions and Answers – Why You Need It.

Since the inception of Npower programme 1n 2016, we have closely monitored the trend of the recruitment and the screening aptitude test which is usually online CBT.


In the past Npower recruitment both batch A and B, we helped uncountable number of candidates to submit their online application which is usually very difficult to register and  also help most of them write the online CBT test and about 85% were successful because Npower repeated nearly 90% of the past exams questions which made things so easy for us.


Because of this close involvement with Npower related exams, we now have all the Npower real time exams past questions in our database. Hence candidates that will lay hold on this our Npower past questions papers and answers will really have edge over others. (Remember the questions in their screening exams are usually heavily repeated)

Format of Npower Past Exams / Screening Test

Knowing the format of Npower exams / screening test is the first step into succeeding in the examinations, here we will give you idea of the exam format to get you well informed before you get the Npower exams past questions and answers 2021.


Npower Exams Past Questions (Key Things to Know About Exam Format)

The questions areas are: Current affairs, English, Mathematics, Computer Software, Database and other relevant questions about yourself. Don’t worry this our Npower exam past questions and answers material explains everything in details go ahead and download the PDF file and you will have nothing to bother about.


You must take not of the following points too:


  • The exam is CBT, meaning it will be written online


  • The aptitude test questions is not only restricted to the category you applied for, it covers both Nhealth, Nteach, Nagro, Ntax etc. So make sure you read every areas.


  • You will receive a text message for the date scheduled for your test and you can’t write outside your date


  • Get yourself a bit used to computer. At least know how to use the mouse and keyboard very well because you will need this skill during the online exam.


Please Note:
Do not read irrelevant current affairs at random as this may throw you off point. N-power has their own targeted current affairs they set in their test and beside the exams questions are not just current affair alone.


Requirement for the Test

Member to keep your application acknowledgement printout handy because you will need it during the test as the application ID number might be required to login to the exam portal.

Other necessary things you need to keep in place are: Your BVN, email address with which you registered, a biro and paper because some of the mathematics questions will require you to do some calculation on a piece of paper before you can get the answers. Above all you need a good internet connection. So be prepared!

Avoid the free current affairs, English, Mathematics and some other free questions and answers circulating the internet claiming to be Npower past questions and answers. These resources will lead you astray because they are totally fake and not in any way close to the real N-power past questions.

Thank God, we already have everything wrapped up in this Npower exams past questions and answers material which is compiled in PDF download, so everything will be a walk over for you, because these are real-time questions from Npower database we got from the past exams we wrote for hundreds of candidates.


Likely Questions to Expect in Npower 2021 Batch C Exam (Free Download)

Remember we have all the Npower past online screening test questions in our database because of our past involvement, so when you download this Npower exams past questions and answers for 2020 / 2021 batch C exam you will have all the likely questions to expect in the test. However to give you an idea, we have compiled some selected free download questions and answers for you.


Samples of Npower Exams Past Question and Answers (Free Examples)

15 sample questions are given below, the complete PDF material has about 200 questions and answers, we advise you purchase the PDF file to have access to all the past questions of Npower as this batch C exam questions will be randomly selected from there.

1). a Nonagon is a shape that has how many side?

A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 9

2) We have different tiers of government politically, which one is the closest to the citizens?

A. State government

B. Traditional ruler

C. Local government

D. Ward government

3). What is the probability of having an odd number in a single toss of a fair die?

A. 1/6

B. 1/3

C. ½

D. 2/3

4). Which of the following represent a true democratic society?

A. Ensuring protection of life and property

B. follows the principles of equality, freedom and justice

C. Provide equal education for all

D. All of the above

5) A teacher is expected to do all all of the following except?

A. Help pupils to solve their academic problems through teaching

B. Participate in politics

C. Join in community service

D. Organise schools academic club and other schools affairs

6) If 2x : (x+1) = 3:2, find the value of x?

A. 1½

B.  3

C. ½

D. 1

7. In agriculture, what is the first discovered bacterial disease of plants?

A. Fire blight

B. Chestnut blight

C. Downy mildew

D. Late blight

8. Emeka shouldn’t have interrupted the teacher, _______?

A. can he

B. didn’t he

C. shouldn’t he

D. should he

9. A computer hard disk is divided into tracks which are further subdivided into?

A. clusters

B. vectors

C. sectors

D. None of the above

10. When was the National Health Insurance Scheme created in Nigeria?

A. 1995

B. 1999

C. 1987

D. 2004

11. A time bound testing programme for students should be implemented in Schools so that?

A. A regular practice can be carried outA regular practice can be carried out

B. The students can be trained for final examinations

C. The remedial programme can be adopted on the basis of the feedback from the results

D. The progress of the students should be informed to their parents

12. A shopkeeper purchased 200 bulbs for N10 each. However, 5 bulbs were fused and had to be thrown away. The remaining were sold at N12 each. What will be the percentage profit? 

A. 12

B. 14

C. 44

D. 17

13. By selling a water heater for N3200, the shopkeeper incurs a loss of 20%. If he wants to earn a profit of 20%, at what price should he sell the water heater?

A. 4800

B. 4300

C. 5000

D. 6200

14. The smallest number which when diminished by 3 is divisible by 21, 28,36 and 45 is?

A. 1260

B. 423

C. 1257

D. 1263

15. A cone, hemisphere and a cylinder stand on the same base and have the same height. The ratio of the volumes is?

A. 1:2:3

B. 2:1:3

C. 3:2:1

D. 2:3:1

Answers to the Free Npower Test Questions Above

Q1. D

Q2. C

Q3. C

Q4. D

Q5. B

Q6. B

Q7. A

Q8. D

Q9. C

Q10. B

Q11. C

Q12. D

Q13. A

Q14. D

Q15. B


The questions and answers above are just free samples, when you purchase the complete 2021 up to date Npower exams past questions and answers you will have access to about 200 exam focus questions with their answers and other key secretes of passing Npower test.


2016 and 2017 Batches Test Questions

This PDF document has the complete exam questions of 2016 / 2017 batches, all the questions N-power has ever set in their CBT test are included in this material. So there is really nothing to panic about in the test as most questions are usually repetition of the previous examination, hence we advise you to download your copy.

Npower Past Questions (Final Thought)

Npower randomly set different questions for different candidates from their questions database. Because we have written the online exam for so many candidates in the past we now have the complete full collection of questions in their database written by different candidates. Everything is well included in this material so it is highly recommended that you download the PDF document to find things very easy for you because a stitch in time save nine.

Important Advice for Our Customers:

Kindly know that only few websites actually have genuine exam materials. We recently noticed that some scam websites usually copy our sample questions on our products description pages and repost them on their scam websites making it look as if they too have the past questions. Some may even copy our entire product description here and republish it. Please don’t be deceived, remember what you are paying for is the actual PDF file which they don’t have. You are not paying for the advert on their websites.
We have thousands of past questions to write about, so we may not be able to write detailed description about this particular material now or give much sample questions. But we can assure you that the material will be very useful to you. Remember, it's not our description here that really matters but the actual material you will get after payment. You may want to scroll down the page to read our customers reviews / ratings to see what other buyers are saying about us!
This past questions and answers material was last updated this year 2023.

How to Download the PDF File

This exam past question papers material is available in PDF download, to get the complete up to date year 2023 version, you can either make payment online with your ATM card or do a direct mobile transfer, USSD or bank deposit:

Price: ₦3,000

Why this price? Click here to know

We believe a useful material from us for an average price of ₦3,000 is far better than a useless material randomly gotten elsewhere for a cheaper price. Remember, the internet is full of junks and you can be lured with a cheaper price. You can click here to read our customers reviews to see how they are rating our products.


Click the online payment link above to pay online with your ATM card or do a direct transfer to our bank account. If you do a direct transfer, after payment send us the name on your bank account to verify your payment and your email address to receive the material. Send the details to us via whatsApp.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0628306323
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Product Disclaimer:
JobsGivers is neither affiliated to this company / agency non endorsed by them. We get our exams materials from in-depth research, feedback from candidates who wrote the exams in the past and sometimes we may be privileged to get test resources from certain testing agencies. Questions in our materials are either based on past exams questions, likely exams questions or both. Candidates have shared testimonies with us about questions being repeated from our materials, but we do not guarantee repetition of questions, however the material will surely guide you to success.

Customers Reviews / Ratings

See what some customers who bought this material and other past questions from our store are saying about us. Their reviews and testimonies will give you an idea about our credibility.

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  1. I just got my material today.
    I love the fact that the materials are well compiled.
    Hope to come share the testimony when I pass the examination.
    Thanks guys 👍

    • @ Jane Emeka:

      Thanks for your review Jane, we wish you the best of luck in your Rivers State University Teaching Hospital Internship/Job test.

  2. The materials I received here for the NCS was very helpful. Thank you all for creating this platform.

    • @ Kerenhappuch Andrew:
      Good to know that you found our NIS past questions helpful, it’s our pleasure. Thanks for your patronage.

  3. To be honest, I was skeptical about purchasing this material online and having also to receive it via email that heighten my doubts. I must say, JobGivers cleared my doubts. I am excited about your genuineness. Thank you for making this past questions and answers available and accessible. Keep up the good work.

    • @ Ijeoma:

      This is amazing, we are really excited about your wonderful review after purchasing our TRCN exam past questions and answers. Good to know we were able to serve you this much.
      We wish you the best in your TRCN CBT test

  4. Gotten the past questions now.
    Though I took a risk of transferring the payment but I was relief when it was finally sent to my mail.
    Will be back for proper review after exam.


      Thank for appreciating our NIS exam past questions, it’s pleasure and will wish you the best in the upcoming CBT test

  5. I’m so glad that I meet you just exactly when I need, I rated you 5 star because you are not a fraudulent service charges. Keep up the good work, may your network never run down. Amen

    • @ Olawale:

      Wow! I’m so glad to know that you rated us 5 star after purchasing our EFCC recruitment exam past questions. Surely we will keep up the good work as God continue to back us. Best of luck.

  6. I paid and received the material instantly which is nice and detailed, thanks so much for the service

    • @ Emmanuel:

      We are happy to know that the Nigeria Immigration Service past past questions you purchased from us meet your need.
      It’s our pleasure and we wish you the best in the upcoming NIS CBT test.

  7. It’s so exiting to see other people good reviews, I’ll looking forward to mine after the exam

    • @ Precious ugwu:

      It’s our pleasure, best of luck in your FSB CBT test

  8. @ Doris:

    You are welcome, it’s our pleasure.

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6 reviews for Npower Exams Past Questions and Answers 2021

  • Osigwe Emmanuel ikenna

    With a great glamour in my heart I appreciate this great company@JOBSGIBERS for there faithfulness and truth worthy. Truly you are the best site I have ever visited.
    You gave me what I needed to succeed in a platter of Gold,I don’t have much to say but may the good lord empower your effort towards humanity.AMEN

    • JobsGivers

      @ Osigwe Emmanuel Ikenna:

      Your wonderful complementary review about our N-Power past questions really got all of us at JobsGivers so excited today. We promise to always do our best to help job seekers with recruitment exams material they will really find useful.

      Thank you very much for your review.


    With heartfelt appreciation I say thank you to this company for making this provision for your costumers. When studied thouroughly,indeed prepares individuals for any assessment the might undergo. Kudos

    • JobsGivers

      Thank you very much ABINA, for appreciating our N-Power exam past questions papers

  • Ruthaire

    Your services are so quick and accurate and affordable.
    More grace to keep doing good.
    Thank you

    • JobsGivers

      Thanks Ruthaire

      We are glad you find our services accurate and we promise to keep it up and also let you know when there is new update about Npower exams is published.

  • Vivian

    Nice company! I ordered for npower past questions and answers, they sent it to me immediately and it’s so great.

    • JobsGivers

      Hello Vivian,

      Thanks for your sincere review with regards to our N-Power past questions and answers.

  • Idris Ibrahim

    Kudos for jobsgivers I’m here to testify that is a nice company that render good services for their customers. At first I purchased NDLEA past questions and answers and this time is Npower online test past questions and answers and it’s so great. once studied the past questions very well u have no worry u ‘ll be confident of passing any aptitude test u would prepare for.
    Thank you,
    Your’s faithfully,
    Ibrahim Idris

    • JobsGivers

      Hello Idris Ibrahim,

      All of us at JobsGivers are so excited over your wonderful review about us. We promise never to disappoint candidates using JobsGivers.com to search for past questions papers for job aptitude test.

  • Kolawole

    I’m happy with the great service, and hospitality rendered by the company. I wanted good past questions and i was recommended a very good one by the company. Speaking with the company representative and help me get exactly what i was looking for. Thank you JobGivers.

    • JobsGivers

      Hello Kolawole,
      We are really grateful for coming back here to let us know how happy you are with the N-power past questions you purchased from our site. We are happy you find it useful and we promise to keep up the good work.


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