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NPC Exam Past Questions – National Population Commission CBT Test - 2023 Updated Copy


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NPC Exam Past Questions – National Population Commission CBT Test - 2023 Updated Copy

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Year 2023 Updated Copy - Computer Based Test - CBT / CBAT, Written Exams & Online Assessment:

Download up to date NPC past questions and answers for adhoc staff recruitment CBT test for upcoming census, our National Population Commission PDF material has all the exam focus questions with a very high chance of questions being repeated from the material.

Get our updated National Population Commission and smile out of your exam on the day of the job aptitude test, the past questions paper material is compiled in PDF for easy study on any devices or printing.

You can read down the page to see some sample questions and answers to give you a clue as to what is in the PDF document.

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Product Description

Year 2023 Up To Date Copy For the Aptitude Test, Computer Based Test (CBT) & Online Assessment:

NPC exam past questions and answers for adhoc staff CBT test, download up to date National Population Commission Computer Based Test recruitment of adhoc staff for the upcoming national population census.

National Population Commission – NPC CBT Test Past Questions / Answers Adhoc Staff Recruitment

This is a compilation of up to date past questions and answers for NPC recruitment aptitude test, if you are preparing for NPC computer based test we strongly advise you download our updated National Population Commission past question papers and we can assure you that the exam will be a walk-over for you.

NPC Job Aptitude Test – PDF Past Questions Papers

Our NPC aptitude test past questions papers is compiled in PDF format to enable buyers easily download and study via any device like phones and computers, candidates can even print out the document in hard copy for those that don’t like studying on devices.

NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment / Permanent Staff  Job Past Questions and Answers

Download National Population Commission adhoc staff recruitment exam past questions and answers for easy preparation for the upcoming cbt test. If you also applied for permanent staff job recruitment, our NPC past questions and answers is a must for you as it’s one easy way to get you well prepared for the job aptitude test and pass without stress.

This PDF past questions covers all areas in  the recruitment both for permanent staff and adhoc staff. Some of the positions covered are listed below both not limited to them: Supervisors, Enumerators, Quality Assurance Officers, Facilitators, Data Quality Managers, Monitoring & Evaluation Officers, Field Coordinators, Training Centre Administrators etc.

National Population Commission – NPC at a Glance

National Population Commission (NPC) is a special federal government agency saddled with the responsibility of handling population census in Nigeria. Their major functions cut across population census data collation, analysis and processing so as to ascertain the correct population figures across Nigeria at every point a time without compromising figures.

Due to the reputation of this agency, it’s quite difficult to secure a job with NPC either as adhoc staff or permanent staff. Their recruitment exams are usually very difficult, however the easiest way to pass NPC computer based test is to prepare with their past exams questions hence we strongly recommend our up to date NPC past questions and answers compiled in PDF.

NPC Exam Format

  • Census / population related questions
  • Current affairs
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Data gathering, collation and analysis
  • Basic computer / ICT questions
  • General paper

Likely Exam Questions – National Population Commission

Our NPC recruitment exam past questions and answers is compiled with exam focus questions in mind based on past National Population Commission aptitude test. Hence the best way to get acquitted with NPC likely exam questions is to download our updated PDF version material for in-depth preparation for the screening examination.

However, below are some few sample questions to give applicants preparing for the test  a clue as to what to expect in the upcoming adhoc staff recruitment, including permanent staff.

Free NPC Sample Questions / Answers

Below are some free NPC sample questions to acquaint you with examples of past National Population Commission recruitment examination questions:

1. Outside other minor functions, how many major functions does The National Population Commission has?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

Correct Answers: B

2. In the last national population census there were few shortcoming in data accuracy which necessitated the commission to introduce a new technology in the upcoming census, hence the 2023 census will be_______?

A. Automatic census

B. Online census

C. Computerized census

D. Digital census

Correct Answers: D

3. When was Nigeria last national population census conducted?

A. 2006

B. 2004

C. 2008

D. 2011

Correct Answers: A

4). The last national population census was categorized into how many categories?

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. 8

Correct Answers: D

5). 2023 census will be categorized into how many categories?

A. 5

B. 6

C. 7

D. 8

Correct Answers: A

6). The set of questions asked of participants during population census as part of data gathering and survey system are referred to as _______?

A. population questionnaire

B. census question papers

C. census questionnaire

D. population census feedback

Correct Answers: C

7). When was the first census conducted in Nigeria?

A. 1872

B. 1960

C. 1866

D. 1963

Correct Answers: C

8). In 2015, Nigeria’s population was 182 million. What is Nigeria’s population projected to be in 2050?

A. 180 million

B. 200 million

C. 331 million

D. 401 million

Correct Answers: D

9). Where does Nigeria’s population currently rank in the world?

A. 3rd largest

B. 5th largest

C. 7th largest

D. 12th largest

Correct Answers: C

10). Nigeria is among many countries experiencing a ‘youth bulge.’ What percent of Nigeria’s population is between the ages of 10 – 24?

A. 19 %

B. 27 %

C. 32 %

D. 51 %

Correct Answers: C

11). Nigeria is on track to be the ____________ country in 2050.

A. third-largest

B. fifth-largest

C. seventh-largest
D. tenth-largest

Correct Answers: A

12). Nigeria has made great strides in reducing its total fertility rate (average number of children born to a woman during her lifetime) from 7.7 in 1970 to ____ in 2020.

A. 2.2

B. 5.2

C. 6.1

D. 5.8

Correct Answers: B

13). What is the life expectancy in Nigeria?

A. 50

B. 52

C. 71

D. 55

Correct Answers: D

14). What percent of Nigeria’s female population (ages 15 and up) participates in the labor force?

A. 39%

B. 48%

C. 56%

D. 64%

Correct Answers: B

15). Over half of Nigeria’s population lives in ________ settings.

A. suburban

B. rural

C. abroad

D. urban

Correct Answers: D

16). What is the literacy rate for women ages 15 – 24 in Nigeria?

A. 36%

B. 53%

C. 81%

D. 68%

Correct Answers: D

17). What sector employs the largest percentage of Nigerians?

A. Services

B. Technology

C. Oil industry

D. Agriculture

Correct Answers: A

18). A voluminous amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information is called.

A. Small Data

B. Meta Data

C. Statistical Data

D. Big Data

Correct Answers: D

19). Which of the following is a categorical variable?

A. Gender

B. Object

C. Number

D. Alphabet

Correct Answers: A

20). The compilation of data that is arranged for better and faster retrieval and is accessed via computers is known as _______?

A. browsing

B. Internet

C. Database

D. Online database

Correct Answers: D

21). One importance of database security in population census is

A. Confidential misconduct

B. Ensure data confidentiality

C. Preventing authorized user

D. Prevent authorized data modification

Correct Answers: B

22). One of these is not a key issue in the security of census database

A. Importance

B. Privacy

C. Availability

D. Disclosure

Correct Answers: D

23). The difference between a two-digit number and the number obtained by interchanging the digits is 36. What is the difference between the sum and the difference of the digits of the number if the ratio between the digits of the number is 1 : 2 ?

A. 4

B. 8

C. 16

D. 20

Correct Answers: B


Since the number is greater than the number obtained on reversing the digits, so the ten’s digit is greater than the unit’s digit.
Let ten’s and unit’s digits be 2x and x respectively.
Then, (10 × 2x + x) – (10x + 2x) = 36
⇒ 9x = 36
⇒ x = 4
∴ Required difference
= (2x + x) – (2x – x)
= 2x
= 8

24). The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 15 and the difference between the digits is 3. What is the two-digit number?

A. 69

B. 78

C. 96

D. Cannot be determined

Correct Answers: D


Let the ten’s digit be x and unit’s digit be y
Then, x + y = 15 and x – y = 3   or   y – x = 3
Solving x + y = 15   and   x – y = 3, we get: x = 9, y = 6
Solving x + y = 15   and   y – x = 3, we get: x = 6, y = 9
So, the number is either 96 or 69
Hence, the number cannot be determined.

25). In one hour, a boat goes 11 km/hr along the stream and 5 km/hr against the stream. The speed of the boat in still water (in km/hr) is:

A. 3 kmph

B. 5 kmph

C. 8 kmph

D. 9 kmphr

Correct Answers: C


Speed in still water
= 1/2(11 + 5) kmph
= 8 kmph

NOTE: The above free sample NPC questions and answers is just to give you an idea of how the exam look like and what our PDF material contains. For better preparation for the National Population Commission CBT test, we strongly advise you buy our complete up to date PDF version of NPC past questions that has about 300 questions and answers, because the chance of questions being repeated from our material is very high.

We have thousands of past questions in our database to write about, so we may not be able to write detailed description about this particular material now or give much sample questions. But we can assure you that the material will be very useful to you. Remember, it's not our description here that really matters but the actual material you will get after payment. You may want to scroll down the page to read our customers reviews / ratings to see what other buyers are saying about us!
This past questions and answers material was last updated this year 2023 for the written exams, online Assessment, Computer Based Test.

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Price: ₦3,000

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