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Kwara State Civil Service Past Questions / Answers – Recruitment Test


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Kwara State Civil Service Past Questions / Answers – Recruitment Test

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Year 2024 Updated Copy - Computer Based Test - CBT / CBAT, Written Exams & Online Assessment:

Download up to date 2021 Kwara State CSC recruitment Exam past questions papers and answers in pdf to easily pass the cbt test. Remember, our Kwara State Civil Service commission Past Questions is the sure way to pass the ever dificult CBT test.

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Product Description

Year 2024 Up To Date Copy For the Aptitude Test, Computer Based Test (CBT) & Online Assessment:

Download Kwara State Civil Service Commission job recruitment exam past questions and answers and get prepared for Kwara state CSC CBT test. If you want to pass the 2021 Kwara state job interview screening examination for civil service employment, this up to date comprehensive Kwara State Civil Service commission past questions papers in PDF is what you need to pass the test.

Kwara State Civil Service Commission Past Questions For Job Recruitment – It’s A Must For ALL

It’s not recommended to prepare for Kwara State CSC recruitment test without getting your self well equipped with the most updated past questions and answers material in PDF, because kwara state government usually based their selection on the performance of candidates during the test.

Since most of these civil service employment / recruitment examination usually repeat questions, it therefor become highly necessary to get the past questions well ahead of the CBT test. Luckily we have already done the research on your behalf and compiled the updated material in PDF download to enable you prepared for the exam without stress.


Kwara State Recruitment Past Questions And Answers 2021 PDF

This Kwara State Civil Service Commission past questions / answers 2021 PDF versions was carefully selected and compile within the exam focus area for this year 2021 Kwara State Civil Service Commission (KSCSC) general recruitment CBT test. So we encourage you to download this 2021 PDF version.


This Material Covers For Both Graduates / Non Graduates Positions

No matter your category, whether you applied for graduate position, non graduate position or experienced / non experience positions this material will be highly useful for you as it will surely prepare you for the test and guide you with possible likely questions to expect in the exam.

Below are some of the positions / categories covered by the Kwara State Civil Service past questions and answers:

Fisheries Superintendent, Assistant Data Processing Officer, Data Processing Officer, Forest Superintendent, Forest Overseer, Program Analyst II, Field Overseer, Care Giver, Commercial Officer, Program Officer, Attendant, Accountant II, Clerical Officer (Bureau of Statistics), Cooperative Officer, Statistical Officer, Executive Officer (Account), Clinical Instructor, Clerical Officer (Finance and Planning), Planning Officer, Cooperative Inspector, Statistician, Clerical Officer (Ministry of Enterprise), Architect, Comm. Health Assistant, Environmental Health Officer, Craft Man, Forest Ranger, Comm. Health Extension Worker, Fisheries Officer, Driller (Works), Extension Officer, Environmental Health Assistant, Enumerator, Auto Electrician, Environmental Health Technician, Engineer (Building), Consultant, Animal Health Technician, Registrar of Cooperative, Engineer (Civil), Clerical Officer (Environment), Agric Superintendent, Agric Officer II, Engineer (Electrical), Engineer (Mechanical), Dentist, Assistant Tech Officer, Forest Officer II, Engineer (Water), Agric Field Overseer, Chemical Engineer, Dental Technician, Technical Officer (Bureau of Land / Surveyor General), Estate Officer, Irrigation Officer, Geologist, Irrigation Engineer, Scientific Officer II, Fire Assistant, Health Superintendent, Livestock Officer, Fire Officer, Draughtman, Scientific Officer (Enterprise), Livestock Overseer, Fire Superintendent, Clerical Officer (Sport and Youth Development), Superintendent, Technical Officer (Enterprise), Livestock Superintendent, Health Record Officer, Sport Assistant, Poultry Husbandry Manager, Trade Officer, Foreman (Works), Sport Officer II, Health Record Assistant, Land Officer, Youth Development Officer II, Produce Pest Control Officer, Chainman, Health Educator, Scientific Officer (Agriculture and Rural Development), Machine Operator, Clerical Officer (Bureau of Land / Surveyor General), Technical Officer (Agriculture and Rural Development), Lab Scientist, Clerical Officer II (Agriculture and Rural Development), Plant Operator, Surveyor, Driller (Energy), Veterinary Officer, Technical Officer (ARCH) – Works, Lab Attendant, Electrical Engineer, Estate Officer, Electrician, Assistant Education Officer, Technical Officer (Civil) – Works, Photographer, Social Mobilization Officer, Technical Instructor, Scientific Officer (Tertiary Education, Science and Technology), Work Superintendent (Water Resources), Social Welfare Officer, Clerical Officer (Tertiary Education, Science and Technology), Clerical Officer (Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development), Mechanical Engineer, Social Welfare Officer, Community Development Officer, Physiotherapist, Clerical Officer (Local Government), Radiographer, Local Government Inspector, Assistant Social Welfare Officer, Foreman (Water Resources), Guidance Counselor, Geologist (Water Resources), Education Officer (Tertiary Education, Science and Technology), Community Development Officer, Ward Orderly Officer, Steward Assistant Data Processing Officer (Office of Head of Service), Driver, X-Ray Technician, Local Government Officer, Engineer (Water) – Water Resources, Executive Officer, Clerical Officer (Water Resources), Community Development Inspector, Confidential Secretary II, Clerical Officer (Auditor General), Confidential Secretary III, Technical Officer (Water Resources), Auditor, Clerical Officer (Admin), Scientific Officer, Librarian, Scientific Officer (Water Resources), Clerical Officer (Health), Cultural Officer, Executive Officer Admin, Tourism Officer, Medical Records Technician, Library Officer, Medical Lab Scientist, Procurement Officer, Medical Lab Technician, Stores Keeper, Medical Lab Assistant, Estate Valuation Officer, Nutritionist, Cook, Pharmacy Attendant, Civil Engineer, Cultural Assistant, Work Superintendent (Energy), Pharmacist, Administrative Officer, Pharmacy Technician, Nursing Superintendent, Assistant Technical Officer, Printer, Tractor Operator, Reporter, Clerical Officer (Energy), Nutrition Technician, Clerical Officer (Physical Planning Authority), Work Superintendent (Works), Clerical Officer (Communications), Communication Officer, Clerical Officer (Justice), Midwife, Clerical Officer (Works), Technical Officer (Civil) – Energy, Graphic Arts Officer, State Counsel, Assistant Tech Officer, Nursing Officer, Technical Officer (MECH) – Energy, Medical Dental Officer, Superintendent of Press, Librarian, Architect, Technical Officer (Mechanical) – Works, Graphic Officer, Library Assistant, Medical Doctor, Building Officer, Technical Officer (ELECT) – Energy, Technical Officer (Electrical) – Works, Education Officer (Education and Human Capital Development), Quantity Surveyor, Foreman (Energy), Clerical Officer (Education and Human Capital Development).


Format of The CBT Test

Before you approach Kwara State CSC CBT test, its necessary you have idea of the CBT test format. Below is the format of Kwara State Civil Service recruitment examination:

1. Mathematics

2. Logical reasoning

3. Current affairs

4. General study

5. Kwara state historical questions

6. Verbal reasoning

7. English Language

8. Basic Computer Knowledge


Likely Questions – KSCSC Examination – PDF Download

To make your study and preparation easier, we have selected and compiled all the exam focus area questions and answers for KSCSC test. Hence applicants who download this kwara State Civil Service Commission recruitment exam material have nothing to really worry about.

However, below are some sample questions to give you an idea of what to expect in the CBT job aptitude test.


Sample Questions – Kwara State CSC Job Aptitude Test

1). One of the following is not one of the main agenda of the current Kwara State Government / Administration?

A. Skills acquisition

B. Promote agribusiness

C. Construction and rehabilitation of roads

D. Local technological inventions

Answer:Β Option C

2). What is the average population of Kwara State?

A. 2 million

B. 3 million

C. 4 million

D. 5 million

Answer: Option A

3). Kwara State was created 1967. Which month and day was this creation done officially?

A. May 27th

B. March 5th

C. July 3rd

D. January 23rd

Answer: Option A

4). Which one of the countries below shares boundary with Kwara state?

A. Republic of Benin

B. Cameroun

C. Ghana

D. United Aram Emirate (UAC)

Answer: Option A

5).Β  What year was Ilorin incorporated into the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria?

A. 1910

B. 2000

C. 1889

D.Β  1900

Answer: Option D

6). Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following sentence;
His jail terms were to run concurrently

A. uniformly
B. simultaneously
C. laboriously
D. consecutively

Answer: Option B

7). Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following sentence;
Mr. Adebayo could be a successful businessman if he paid more attention to the more intricate aspects of his account

A. Mr Adebayo will undoubtedly succeed
B. Mr Adebayo cannot succeed
C. Adebayo will have a very good chance of succeeding
D. Mr. Adebayo will find it difficult to succeed

Answer: Option C

8). Complete the following sentence by choosing the option that most suitably fills the space;
The boy was born before his parents actually got married and so the court has declared him ____

A. illegal
B. illegitimate
C. illicit
D. unlawful
E. untenable

Answer: Option B

9). Given;
Purchases = N20,000
Sales = N40,000
Carriage inwards = N5,000
Carriage outwards = N5,000
Opening stock = N10,000
Closing stock = N5,000

What is the cost of goods sold?

A. N15,000
B. N25,000
C. N20,000
D. N30,000

Answer: Option D

10). A man completes a certain journey by a car. If he covered 30% of the distance at the speed of 20kmph. 60% of the distance at 40km/h and the remaining of the distance at 10 kmph, his average speed is:

A. 30 km/h

B. 28 km/h

C. 25 km/h

D. 33 km/h

Answer: Option C

11). In the numbers given below, choose the one that has nothing in common with the rest?
10, 25, 45, 54, 60, 75, 80

A. 10

B. 45

C. 54

D. 75

Answer:Β Option C
Each of the numbers except 54 is multiple of 5.

12). From a container, full of pure milk, 20% is replaced by water and this process is repeated three times. At the end of third operation, the quantity of pure milk reduces to?

A. 40.0%

B. 50.0%

C. 51.2%

D. 58.8%

Answer:Β Option C

13). In how many generations a computer can be classified?

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Answer:Β Option C

14). In order to tell Excel programme that we are entering a formula in a cell, we must begin with an operator such as?

A. $

B. @

C. +

D. =

Answer:Β Option D

15). Any data or instruction entered into the memory of a computer is considered as?

A. Storage

B. Output

C. Input

D. Information

Answer:Β Option C

PLEASE NOTE: The above sample questions and answers of Kwara State Civil Service commission (KSCSC) is just to give you an ideal of the exam focus areas and what to expect in this material. When you purchase the complete up to date 2021 PDF version you will have access to all the past exams questions with detailed answers that will prepare you for success in the CBT test. Remember civil service job aptitude test are not to be joked with.

This past questions and answers material was last updated this year 2024 for the written exams, online Assessment, Computer Based Test.

How to Download the PDF File

This exam past question papers material is available in PDF download, to get the complete up to date year 2024 version, you can either make payment online with your ATM card or do a direct mobile transfer, USSD or bank deposit:

Price: ₦3,000

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Due to the cost of sourcing for this material, ₦3,000 is the best price we can sell it for now to enable you have value for your money and also help us keep this website alive, remember products with cheaper prices are not always the best. You may click here to read our customers reviews to see how they are rating our products.

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