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ICPC Exams Past Questions and Answers – Aptitude Test


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ICPC Exams Past Questions and Answers – Aptitude Test

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Price: 3,000
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Due to the cost of sourcing for this material, ₦3,000 is the best price we can sell it for now to enable you have value for your money and also help us keep this website alive, remember products with cheaper prices are not always the best. You may click here to read our customers reviews to see how they are rating our products.


Year 2024 Updated Copy - Computer Based Test - CBT / CBAT, Written Exams & Online Assessment:

This s a comprehensive updated ICPC Computer Based Test – CBT past questions and answers material in pdf that is highly recommended for candidates preparing for this year aptitude test. You can download the up to date PDF file and approach Independent Corrupt Practice Commission recruitment exam with ease.

Most candidates who purchased the material to write the last ICPC online computer based test organised DCSL Recruit consulting firm found the exam very easy as most of the questions were repeated as testified by some of the buyer on our product eview session.

Pay Via Transfer, USSD, POS, Deposit etc.
You can either pay online via the link above with your ATM card or do a transfer / direct deposit into our bank account.

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)
Account Number: 0628306323
Account Name: JobsGivers HR Services

If you do a direct transfer, after payment send us the name on your bank account to verify your payment and your email address to receive the material. Send the details to us via whatsApp.

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SKU: ICPC-up-06-23

Product Description

Year 2024 Up To Date Copy For the Aptitude Test, Computer Based Test (CBT) & Online Assessment:

Download ICPC CBT Test / exams past questions and answers and get yourself well prepared for the online / Computer Based test and pass with ease. Independent Corrupt Practice Commission (ICPC) job aptitude test for the ongoing recruitment will be easy to pass you if prepare with their past exam questions and there are chances that plenty questions will be repeated just like the last online computer based test that was handled by DCSL Recruit consulting firm.

Candidates who bought our ICPC material to prepare for the last exam actuallyΒ  smiled out of the exam because most of the questions in our material were repeated. Their testimonies can be found here and here also. The easiest way to pass the test is to prepared with their past exam questions.

About Independent Corrupt Practice Commission (ICPC) exams / aptitude test

ICPCΒ  is a federal government body saddled with the responsibility of fighting corruption in Nigeria. This is one federal government commission that hardly recruit but all the same they recruit once in a while and their recruitment exams / aptitude test are usually very tough unlike the other federal government recruitment exams.

ICPC past questions and answers PDF download

Our teams of human resource professionals have compiled this ICPC past questions and answers in PDF. Candidates who are preparing for the exam can download the PDF file and study via their mobile phones or computers as our ICPC test past questions materials can adapt to any device.


What to expect / likely questions in ICPC aptitude test

ICPC Exams questions range from current affair, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning,Β  English, mathematics and general questions.

Hence you must have enough information about Independent Corrupt Practice Commission (ICPC) as a body before attempting their exams / aptitude test. This can easily be achieved with our ICPC exams / aptitude test past questions and answers.

About 70% of their past questions are usually repeated, so is a wise idea to purchase and prepare with this material.

Sample questions in this ICPC exams past questions and answers material

The following are some of the sample questions you will find in this ICPC exams / aptitude testΒ  past questions and answersΒ  material. When you purchase the complete updated material you will have access to over 300 past ICPC exam questions and answers.

1. Who is the current chairman of ICPC?

A. Musa Usman Abubakar

B. Oladimeji Aliu

C. Professor Bolaji Owasanoye

D. Ibrahim Magu

Correct Answers: C

2. Who was the president of Nigeria when ICPC was established?

A. Olesegun Obasanjo

B. General Abdulsalami Abubakar

C. Umaru Musa Yar’Adua

D.Β Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Correct Answers: A

3. Which of the follow most appropriately reflects the primary duty of ICPC?

A. Safeguarding lives and property, serving his/her community, protecting innocent people and prosecuting
corrupt citizens and movement officers

B. Investigates people in all sectors who appear to be living above their means, and is empowered to investigate and prosecute money laundering and other financial crimes

C. Provide measures against threat and any form of attack or disaster against the nation and its citizenry

D. Targets corruption in the public sector, especially bribery, gratification, graft, and abuse or misuse of office

Correct Answers: D

4). The aspect of ICPC that focus on prevention of Sexual exploitation in Tertiary and Secondary Institutions in Nigeria is called?

A. Sexual Harassment Unit

B. Sexual Abuse Department

C. Female Educational Right Violation Unit

D. Institutional Gender Abuse Department

Correct Answers: A

5). Which of the following is Independent Corrupt Practice Commission (ICPC) vision statement?

A. Eradicating corruption through integrity and uncompromising laws

B. A Nigeria free from all forms of corruption and corrupt practices

C. Fostering implementation that create a corrupt free Nigeria public sector

D. All of the above

Correct Answers: B

6) What year was The Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act enacted?

A. Year 1999

B. Year 2000

C. Year 2001

D. Year 2002

Correct Answers: B

7). The membership of Independent Corrupt Practice Commission consist of the following except __________ ?

A. A retired Police Officer not below the rank of Commissioner of Police

B. A legal practitioner with at least 10 years post-call experience

C. AΒ youth not being less than 21 or more than 30 years of age at the time of his or her appointment

D. A chartered accountant with not less than 16 years of practice

Correct Answers: D

8). A suspected person whose presence is needed by the ICPC for questioning and possibly prosecution is referred to as _________ ?

A. Suspect

B. Wanted

C. Needed

C. Accused

Correct Answers: B

9). The price of a car depreciates in the first year by 25% in the second year by 20% in third year by 15% and so on. What is the final price of the car after 3 years, if the present cost of the car is ₦10,000,000?

A. ₦7,80,000

B. ₦1,70,000

C. ₦6,90,000

D. ₦5,10,000

Correct Answers: D

Price after third depreciation,
100 ==25%↓ ==> 75 == 20%↓==>60 == 15% ↓ ==> 51
The price will be,
= ₦ 5,10,000

Alternatively :
1000000 Γ— 0.75 Γ— 0.80 Γ— 0.85
= ₦ 5,10,000

10). The cost of packaging of the mangoes is 40% the cost of fresh mangoes themselves. The cost of mangoes increased by 30% but the cost of packaging decreased by 50%, then the percentage change of the cost of packed mangoes, if the cost of packed mangoes is equal to the sum of the cost of fresh mangoes and cost of packaging :

A. 14.17%

B. 8.87%

C. 7.14%

D. 6.66%

Correct Answers: C

Cost of fresh mangoes + Cost of packaging = Total cost
Let initial Cost of fresh, mangoes = 100
Then, packaging cost = 40
Thus, Initial total cost = 100 + 40 = 140
After increasing in cost of fresh mangoes 30%,
Cost of fresh mangoes = 130
And cost of packing go down by 50 % so,
Cost of packing = 20
Now Total cost = 130 + 20 = 150
Increased cost = 150 – 140 = 10
% increased = 10Γ—100/140 = 7.14%

11). An insurance policy covering fire damage to stock pays 70% of the costs for the first $1,000 and all of the cost thereafter up to a total of $7,000. Following a claim, the claimant had to pay an additional $2,000 to replace damaged stock. How much was the stock worth?

A. $8,300

B. $9,700

C. $9,500

D. $ 9,300

Correct Answers: A

12). If a man were to sell his chair for ₦720, he would lose 25%. To gain 25% he should sell it for:

A. ₦960

B. ₦1,000

C. ₦1,200

D. ₦900

Correct Answers: C

Let the Cost price of the Chair is X.
SP = X – 25% of X
720 = 0.75X
X = 960
CP = ₦960
So, To gain 25%, SP would be
= 960 + 25% of 960 = ₦1200

13). One of the following is the synonyms of FORTITUDE ?

A. Similarity

B. Courage

C. Protection

D. Safety

Correct Answers: B

14). Find the correctly spelt words?

A. Palete

B. Palet

C. Palate

D. Pelate

Correct Answers: C

Please Note:
The free ICPC sample questions and answers above are just to give you a clue as to what to expect in the upcoming Independent Corrupt Practice Commission (ICPC) recruitment Computer Based Test (CBT). For indepth preparation, we strongly advise you purchase our complete ICPC past questions and answers in PDF which was updated this year.

Download From Our Database 2:

This past questions and answers material was last updated this year 2024 for the written exams, online Assessment, Computer Based Test.

How to Download the PDF File

This exam past question papers material is available in PDF download, to get the complete up to date year 2024 version, you can either make payment online with your ATM card or do a direct mobile transfer, USSD or bank deposit:

Price: ₦3,000

Why this price? Click here to know

Due to the cost of sourcing for this material, ₦3,000 is the best price we can sell it for now to enable you have value for your money and also help us keep this website alive, remember products with cheaper prices are not always the best. You may click here to read our customers reviews to see how they are rating our products.

Click the online payment link above to pay online with your ATM card or do a direct transfer to our bank account. If you do a direct transfer, after payment send us the name on your bank account to verify your payment and your email address to receive the material. Send the details to us via whatsApp.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0628306323

If you need to talk to us, you can chat with any of our available support agent using the WhatsApp live chat button below.

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If you can't click the chat button above, you can also WhatsApp us on our phone number below or send us a text message if you are not on WhatsApp.
Note: We respond faster on WhatsApp chat.

Customers Reviews / Ratings

See what some customers who bought this material and other past questions from our store are saying about us. Their reviews and testimonies will give you an idea about our credibility.

1-7 of 7 reviews
  1. The product is so great and helpful, I hesitated before sending money but took the risk and was happy it was not a scam.

    • @ Oke kehinde:

      Thank you very much Kehinde, I’m glad we were able to need your need with regards to the Ondo State Primary Health Care Development Agency past questions and answers you purchased from. Best of luck!

  2. I give you guys a good rating. I love your work. keep up

    • @ Pharm. ND:

      Thanks for your great rating, it’s our pleasure

  3. Thank you so so much. You made my examination (EDO SUBEB CBT) easy for me today with the past questions i bought. I am so grateful. At least i was being sceptical to purchase because of trust but i’m glad i took the bold step. Thank you Jobsgivers. I am so grateful.

    • @ Faith:

      This testimony is so interesting, nice to know that the Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) eaxm past questions / answers PDF you bought from us made your exam easy for you. I’m glad we were able to put a smile on your face. With God helping us, we will surely keep up the good work. Cheers!

  4. Tested and trusted!

    Thank you so much

    • @ Osagie Destiny:

      Thanks for your review, it’s our pleasure

  5. I want to appreciate JobGivers for RSUTh past Questions material. I wrote the internship examination today and I must confess even though the questions were not similar but at least it acted as a preparatory Guide. The exam was a success by the Grace of God.

    • @ Ogolo blessing:

      Wow! What a great testimony after your Rivers State University Teaching Hospital internship exam. I,m glad our past questions material has pushed you to success. Yes, sometimes questions may be a little bit different because of the way exams generally works but but our materials will still help you figure out the correct answers. Nobody actually prepares for any exam with our pdf materials and got stranded in the exam hall.

      Best of luck Blessing.

  6. Great feedback and timely response. πŸ™

    • @ Josh:

      You are welcome

  7. Received, thanks so much for your honesty, and fantastic job

    • @ Joel Oselen:

      It’s our pleasure. Thanks for your review

  8. @ Paris:

    Wow! We really feel so appreciated by your kind words, you actually deserve the best. It’s indeed our pleasure. Best of luck in your Edo SUBEB cbt test.

  9. @ Dennis trust:

    It’s really nice to know that the Delta State Hospital Management Board internship exam past questions you purchased from us is helping you adequately preparing for the exam. It’s our pleasure. Cheers

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29 reviews for ICPC Exams Past Questions and Answers – Aptitude Test

  • Aliyu ibrahim

    Your service is top notch I got what I actually ordered for keep d good work up. Kudos to everyone.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Aliyu ibrahim:

      I’m glad you found our service top notch after purchasing our ICPC Exams Past Questions and Answers. It’s our pleasure, we wish you success in the cbt test.

  • jetta moses

    please jobgivers i just stumbled on this made payment and need the material to add up to my preparations but your line provided here is off

  • Jay

    Received the pdf in time and it was quite extensive.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Jay:

      Thanks for your feedback Jay.it’s our pleasure

  • Abdurrahim umar

    Job givers is the best platform for past questions and answers.i recommend them.continue the good work.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Abdurrahim umar:

      Having seen us as the best, with God helping us, we will equally continue to give our customers the best exam material to prepare their exams. You deserve the best Abdurrahim, if it’s less than the best then it’s not good enough for you.
      We wish you success in the entire 2023 ICPC recruitment process.

  • Nafisah Baba

    Honestly, i was overwelmed with your service. Initially i thought it was a scam but i was happy to find that it was geniune. i recieved the Material not upto 30minutes after making payment.
    keep the good workπŸ‘

    • JobsGivers

      @ Nafisah Baba:

      Thank you Nafisah for your feedback after buying the updated ICPC CBT test material from us. With God helping us, we will surely keep up the good work.

  • Agha Arusi Arusi

    Waoh! Thanks JobGivers. I just received my study material and have gone through it. It’s very helpful and reliable.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Agha Arusi Arusi:

      It’s fantastic to know that you found our ICPC exam material helpful, it’s our pleasure.
      Best of luck in the Computer Based Test.

  • Oghenegare Abraham

    I give five Stars 🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩 but rating you guys is more than any five stars. I was so impressed, I had to cross my mind and take the bold step to pay indeed it was just like miracle. jobsgivers.Com is the best, be encouraged to do any transaction deals with them because they’re 100% sure to put a smile on your face. I tell you, your next step to success is 100% sure with jobsgiver. I appreciate you guys allot. I promise to tell more people about you guys if truly they want to pass any exam because you guys are the sure plug to success. Thanks

    • JobsGivers

      @ Oghenegare Abraham:

      Wow! We are really short of words over your wonderful review after purchasing our ICPC exam past questions material, Nice to know that you think so highly of us after the whole transaction, it’s our pleasure as you couldn’t have deserve anything less than the best.
      We wish you best of luck in the ICPC CBT test. Cheers!


    It is a good thing to be truthful in everything we do, I was actually afraid of getting scammed at first but with faith I got what I paid for. Keep doing what’s best and be rest assured of the many blessings that will come with it.

    • JobsGivers


      Thanks for your review after purchasing our ICPC exam material, i’m glad we were able to meet your need. We wish you best of luck in the 2023 ICPC recruitment exams.

  • Titus shunom kure

    Job givers. I don’t really know much about your site but i can tell and have the believe that through the comments that i have been observing and following,how people but not just people but peoples have been given a good testimony about you guys.
    , How helpful and how you guys have been able to helped out. This gives me courage the more to apply and registered with you, and I’m glad that i didβ˜ΊπŸ‘Œ. And after making my payment,within 20minutes i received my pdf book…with this I’m giving 5 star with full confident straight away.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Titus shunom kure:

      Wow! We are really excited to hear this testimony from you, it’s our pleasure. We wish you the best of luck your ICPC recruitment exam.

  • Nathaniel

    On the 25th August 2021, at about 6:10pm I was searching the net for ICPC PQA and I stumbled on Jobsgivers HR Service site. I read through their pages . I saw the testimonies of others that have used their materials for a job test and got result. At this point, I made up my mind to get the ICPC PQA. I added their contact on whatsapp, immediately they responded to my chart and I placed a request for the book after which I made a transfer of 2,000 to their account. Within 20 minutes the material landed in my email. I glanced through few pages of the material that very night, the material is 98 pages.Today 27th August, 2021, I log into ICPC test portal to take my test, lo and behold must of the questions I saw are in the PQA I bought from Jobsgivers HR Service. I am very happy and appreciate them for their effort in coming up with such a pain relief. I recommend Jobsgivers HR Servuce to anyone looking for Job. Thank u all.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Nathaniel,

      We can see that you are really happy with our service for taking your time to write such a detailed review about our product.
      We are super excited to know that we were able to serve you this much. It’s indeed our pleasure.
      We wish you the best of luck.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  • Ebuka

    OK, I will make this as short as possible, anybody who is not getting the past question directly from here is mistaken. Job givers team is the best and the most reliable so far. Thanks for the fast delivery.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Ebuka,
      We really love what you think about us. We will continue to do our best to provide quality exams material as God keep helping us.
      Best of luck in your ICPC test Ebuka.

  • Susan

    Initially i thought it may be scam,but i got it delivered to my email not up to 2hours,it was fast.
    Keep the good work!!

    • JobsGivers

      @ Susan
      I’m glad we were able to help. It’s our pleasure

  • Chioma

    Wow your platform is trusted and reliable. Value was given for service paid for. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Chioma,

      Thank for your positive review, it’s our pleasure

  • Rabiu Dododawa

    The acknowledgement for the payment was swift and sending the questions was fast as well.
    Keep it up, as they are still service you pay online and get value for payment .
    Questions are very helpful too

    • JobsGivers

      @ Rabiu Dododawa,

      Thank you for appreciating our little effort, we really hope to serve you better than we are already doing.
      We wish you the best of luck in your ICPC /DCSL online test.

  • Cynthia

    Am really happy 4 this wonderful platform, it is trusted and reliable and most especially they are quick to deliver.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Cynthia,

      Thank you for your review. It’s our pleasure
      Success in your ICPC test

  • Chinelo

    This is superb. Thanks for doing this. No regrets at all.
    You are true to your words. Value for money gotten more than imagined.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Chinelo,

      Waoooooooo! We are so impressed with your positive feedback.
      Good to know that you have gotten value for your money more than you expected.
      We wish you success in your ICPC / DCSL job aptitude test.

  • Chikamso

    This material is worth every penny spent on it… A big thanks this wonderful team.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Chikamso,

      We excited to know that you had value for the money paid for our ICPC past questions. Its’s our pleasure.
      Best of luck in your ICPC/DCSL online cbt test

  • Samuel Edeh

    The past question papers are helpful

    • JobsGivers

      @ Samuel Edeh,

      Thanks for your review, best of luck in your ICPC cbt test

  • Atolani Lawal Tadese

    I’m glad it wasn’t a scam. Response was so prompt without having to pursue with calls and the customer service is excellent. Thank you

    • JobsGivers

      @ Atolani Lawal Tadese,

      We excited to know that our transaction with you with regards to ICPC / DCSL past questions and answers material ended well.
      It’s our pleasure.
      We wish you success in your DCSL online test.

  • Segun

    Firstly, I will like to appreciate your integrity status, ’cause you have really given me value for money.

    Secondly, the questions and answers were well treated. Thank you so much for this great work and assistance.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Segun,

      Good to know that you had value for your money after purchasing our ICPC / DCSL past questions and answers. It’s our pleasure to serve you right.
      Best of luck in your online CBT test

  • Uwagwu Daniel E.

    In summary…
    It’s what you expect, that’s what you get.

    • JobsGivers

      Uwagwu Daniel E.,

      Waooo! We are so excited to know that our ICPC exam material met your expectation.
      We wish you the best in the entire recruitment process.

  • Edward

    I paid and I got the material as expected. Thank you so much for your sincerity and proficiency in service delivery.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Edward,

      Thank you for the feedback, it’s our pleasure.

  • Chibzy

    Customer friendly and reliable

    • JobsGivers

      @ Chibzy,

      Thank you for your feedback. We wish you the best of luck in your ICPC test.

  • Mustapha Garba

    Great and helpful material

    • JobsGivers

      @ Mustapha Garba,

      Thanks for the review about our ICPC past questions. It’s our pleasure

  • Uduma Emmanuel E

    I doubted initially that it could be scam until I decided to take the risk to make payment, finally I wasn’t disappointed. ……the material is more than what I expected. All thanks to jobgivers as I pray and hope to be blessed with this ICPC job.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Uduma Emmanuel E,

      Thanks for your feedback, i’m happy we were able to meet your need

  • Martins Egbuta

    I decided to trust after being disappointed by another vendor, I paid and in less than 30mins I got the material. I’m glad cos my preparation has taken shape. Kudos to you guys for a great job.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Martins Egbuta,

      I’m glad we were able to help. We wish you the best of luck in your ICPC online test

  • Dr Sunny

    The questions are relevant and it will be very helpful. Thank you

    • JobsGivers

      @ Dr Sunny,

      I’m glad you found our ICPC past questions useful.
      Best of luck.

  • Abdulhafiz Umar Belel

    Great, The questions are relevant and interesting.

    • JobsGivers

      @ Abdulhafiz Umar Belel,

      Thank you for appreciating our ICPC recruitment exam past questions and answers material.
      It’s our pleasure, best of luck in your ICPC CBT test.

  • Willis Ozoemena

    I really appreciate your swift response and mode of operation.
    Well organized questions and pretty easy to study.

    • JobsGivers

      Willis, I’m happy to know you are OK with our service and find our ICPC material useful.

      Good luck and happy study.

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