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JobsGivers Disclaimer

Even though you are in a secure place and have nothing much to worry about, you may also find it necessary to have idea about those things for which we are not obligated to you.

Information Found On Jobsgivers.com

Jobsgivers.com will always take proper measures to ensure that the information published on its website are correct to the best of its knowledge. We also publish information from third parties and we will also ensure that we publish information from only the ones that are trustworthy to the best of our knowledge. We also take extra effort to monitor comments made on our post by our site visitors; we ensure that we review their comments before making them public to other readers to reduce spam. Some employers are registered on our site to advertise their job openings, but we will never make their adverts public until will confirm the authenticity of these employers and their job adverts. We do this to protect job seekers on our site from falling prey to job spammers.

Although we have put the above measures in place to ensure that the information you find on our website are true and correct but we do not give warranty of any kind about the accuracy, reliability, correctness, completeness, validity or genuineness of these information. If you make a decision based on these information found on our site, it is solely at your own risk.

JobsGivers, its staff or agents shall not be liable whatsoever for any liability, damage, loss, injury, expenses suffered, inconvenience, physical or emotional stress that may be occasioned as a result of the decision you made based on the information you found on this website.

When browsing through our website you may find some hyperlinks that will take you to other websites for further information, we do not have control over the contents or information you will find on those websites and as such do not guarantee the genuineness and reliability of such information or contents found on those external websites. The external site owners may choose to delete these additional information without our knowledge and we may have directed you to these information before we could know about the deletion by the site owner and have the opportunity to remove the links from our site.

Please also know that the external hyperlinks found on our website does not in any way imply that we can vouch for the websites these hyperlinks will take you to. We therefore advise you to take your time to read the terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer of those websites which may be different from our own before giving them your vital information or entering into any business relationship with them.


About Our Exams Past Questions and Answers Materials

JobsGivers is a human resource company that has mutual understanding with most employers in Nigeria. We publish verified jobs, handle recruitment and provide job seekers with preparatory study materials to write any job aptitude test.

We are not affiliated to the companies or agencies for which we sell their job aptitude test past questions materials and our material are not in anyway endorsed by them. Their trademarks used on our product pages solely belong to them and do not imply their endorsement.

We get our exams materials from in-depth research, feedback from candidates who wrote the exams in the past and sometimes we may be privileged to get test resources from officials of testing agencies because of the established relationship we have with them.

Questions in our materials are either based on actual past exams questions, likely exams questions or both. The questions may be different from what you will see in your test because changes can happen at anytime, that is why it is called exam. However, our materials will guide you properly for your exam, most questions in our materials may also be repeated in your exam but we do not guarantee repetition of questions.

Do not take our material into the exam hall because we hate exam malpractice, our materials are solely for study and preparatory purpose and must not be used or seen as tools for exam malpractice.



Every contents and information found on this website strictly belong to jobsGivers and we have full legal right over them. Hence no aspect of this website may be duplicated, copied, republished, extracted, stored either for commercial or personal use without the written permission of the owner of jobsGivers


Update of This Disclaimer

From time to time we will update this disclaimer by either adding more information or removing some information; we reserve the right to do so without your notice. But we will however post the changes here if they are made.


By visiting jobsgivers.com you have accepted this disclaimer and agree that the information therein is binding on you.

For inquiries about this disclaimer, reach us through our Contact Form.

You may also want to read our Privacy Policy as well as our Terms and Conditions