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Download free Rivers State Civil Service Commission past questions and answers for 2023 online test / CBT, these free questions will help you pass RSCSC online cbt exam with ease. We have compiled up to date 2023 online test past questions for this exam and you will be doing yourself lots of good as most questions in this free questions will likely be repeated in the exam.

Free Online Test Questions / Answers For Rivers State Civil Service 2023 computer based test

Below are samples of free Rivers State Civil Service past questions and answers to help you soundly prepare for the exam. It is highly advisable not to approach the exam without having idea of how the past RSCSC online exam questions look like.

Free PDF Download – Rivers State Civil Service Commission Online Exam / Computer Base Test

1). A civil servant or public servant in Rivers state is answerable to?

A. Government of Rivers State

B. Governor of Rivers State

C. Rivers State people

D. His or her superior in the office

2). Under which political party did the current governor of Rivers State won election?





3). Rivers state was named after _________ ?

A. River Niger

B. River Benue

C. Niger Delta Rivers

D. Many Rivers

4). How many LGA do we have in rivers state?

A. 20

B. 21

C. 22

D. 23

5). In 2000, the market shares of the toilet soaps Margo, Palmolive and dove were 40%, 30% and 30% respectively. Starting from the next year, a new soap enters into the market each year and gets 10% of the market share. The existing soap share the remaining market share in the same ratio as they did in the previous year. What percent of the total market share will mango have in 2002?

A. 32.4%

B. 32%

C. 28%

D. 34%

6). A man reduces his speed from 20 kmph to 18 kmph. So, he takes 10 minutes more than the normal time. what is the distance traveled by him.

A. 36 km

B. 25 km

C. 50 km

D. 30 km

7). A pipe can fill a tank in 0.9 hours and another pipe can empty in 0.7 hours. If tank is completely filled and both pipes are opened simultaneously then 450 liters of water is removed from the tank is 2.5 hours. What is the capacity of the tank?

A. 200 liters

B. 350 liters

C. 456 liters

D. 567 liters

8). Six years ago, the ratio of the ages of Ovunda and Iroulor was 6 : 5. Four years hence, the ratio of their ages will be 11 : 10. What is Iroulor’s age at present?

A. 18 years

B. 16 years

C. 20 years

D. Cannot be determined

E. None of these

Which option best replace the underlined idiom in questions 9 and 10?

9). The thief took to his heels when he saw a policeman on the beat.

A. had some pain in his heels

B. ran away from the scene

C. confronted the policeman

D. could not decide what to do

10). He struck several bad patches before he made good.

A. came across bad soil

B. Had a bad time

C. Went through many illness

D. Had many professional difficulties


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