NERC Invitation for Stage 2 Test – Second Exam Procedure

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission NERC Screening Update 2022, invitations are being sent our for the second stage cbt test, this stage 2 is based on candidate’s role / profession.

Download NERC stage 2 Position Based Past Questions Here

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission stage 2 exam past questions

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission NERC Screening Update 2022: This is to notify all qualified applicants who showed interest in the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) recruitment 2022, that the second Exam will take place on the 10th of December 2022

Applicants who sat for the last exam and hit the cut-off mark will be invited for the second round of the Computer Based Test, you are to observe your email religiously, as invites will commence any moment from now

Additionally, the second round of the exam will be based on an individual area of specialization, make it a duty to check your email, preferably in the morning before going out, and at night, when you might have returned home,

Latest Update – NERC Invitation for Stage 2 Test – Second Exam Procedure

Stay calm if you are experiencing a lack of access to your profile picture on the portal. The profile picture has been denied access unless authorized. There is currently file migration from the initial base to another base.

Profile pictures were part of the files uploaded- all uploaded files (accessible and inaccessible) are currently being moved.

The movement to a secured cloud database- For data/information accessibility among testmi, nerc and any other individuals involved in the recruitment and all authorized/given secured access! In this way, entity A, a primary data holder, Entity B, Entity C, Entity D, and so on… all would have access, and work with the data independently as long as secured access is provided!

Meanwhile, a panel Interview with the top management is scheduled for late December ending at the commission’s office in Abuja. An invite would be rolled out some days before then.

The top five candidates according to performance in the online test and quality of CV based on qualifications and experience for every role advertised are expected to be shortlisted.

Being among the top scorers does not give one the guarantee of making it to the next stage.

A lot of applicants that had high scores have been dropped because they don’t have cognate experience and skills for the expected roles.

All fresh graduates were also dropped. This recruitment is strictly for experienced hires.

Some roles have stiffer competition than others. Some managerial roles candidates like principal managers even performed poorly in the CBT but would be invited as they are vastly experienced.

Circa 400 candidates are needed for the next stage to select about 70 candidates.

Observe your email, NERC will be sending massive invites for the next round of recruitment, in no distant time

Previous Updates

The first Aptitude test was held between Tuesday, 20th of September, or Saturday, 24th of September.

The aptitude test was in 3 batches and the exam will last for 1 hour.

Applicants are to constantly observe their Emails and SMS for an invite, the invitation for the Computer Based Test (Aptitude test) screening is in batches and only qualified applicants with an invite will be allowed to the next stage of the recruitment

NERC received over 20,000 applications, you and I know that that number cannot be employed, a rigorous process will be used to select the needed number

Applicants can only access the ‘Result’ page and see the ‘examination result’ only if they are considered to write the exam and see the score afterward. So your portal may be showing unavailable if you are not an invite or have not taken the exam

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (“NERC) hereby invites suitably qualified applicants to check their Emails and not be left behind in the next stage of recruitment.

For clarity, NERC is an exciting career in regulating the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry. It is an independent regulatory institution created under the provisions of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act.

In pursuit of the mandate of the Commission, NERC is seeking to employ suitably qualified persons to fill vacancies in the following broad areas:

i. Market & Competition analysis

ii. Utility rate setting

iii. Electrical Engineering

iv. Consumer protection

v. Finance & Accounting

vi. Data Acquisition and Analytics

vii. Legal, Licensing & Litigation

viii. Enforcement and Compliance

ix. General Administration