Secret of Passing 2022 NERC – TestMi Online Test Revealed – Dos & Don’ts

NERC – TestMi Online test /exam 2022, see what to do and what to avoid in Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission job cbt test. If  you have not gotten our NERC – TestMi online test past questions and answers, ensure you get the pdf material for yourself so as to find the Testmi online cbt test a walk-over.

Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission Past Questions and Answers
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  • Welcome to the Exam Page. Please note the number of minutes alloted for the exam. Once the given time elapses’, the portal will close the questions and submit the exam.
  • Ensure that you are ready to complete it at a sitting. You cannot pause the Exam. Your time runs out even if you don’t do anything and you cannot retake the exam afterwards.
  • On the question dashboard, you are expected to answer all question under every subject/category
  • Each subject has one or more sections, and each section contains one or more questions, you can navigate between the subjects/categories by clicking on the respective tab.
  • To start any section, click on the ‘Open” button in the selected section, navigate through the sections by clicking on the respective tab.
  • A check mark appears on the far right of any section that you have attempted all the questions in it.
  • Once a section is opened, the number of questions contained in the section appears at the top.
  • You can navigate through the questions by clicking on the ‘Next Question’ and ‘Previous Question” buttons.
  • Once you get to the last question of any section, the button becomes ‘Next Section’, click on that to swiftly move to the next section without returning back to the subject/category dashboard.

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