Npower Stage 2 Portal Login Link is Fake – No Shortlisted Names

Npower Stage 2 Portal Link is Fake, N-Power has not shortlisted names for second stage. ”” is scam and not real. Scammers created this fake npower login link to collect personal data from candidates to scam and defraud them.

Read further to see the reasons behind this fake npower stage 2 login link created by Nigerian internet fraudsters.

Npower exams past questions - aptitude test

Download Npower Past Questions Here is a Fake Login Link For Second Stage

The so called link for checking the list of 2020 npower successful candidates for second stage is not real, we advise candidates to stop giving their sensitive data to  these fraudsters through the link:


Npower Has Not Released List of Successful Candidates

The list of successful candidate for 2020 npower batch c recruitment has not be released, as a matter of fact as at today 6th September 2020 the registration / application is still going on. Successful names will only be released after the registration phase has closed. As you can see the so called Npower stage 2 portal link is fake.


Reasons This Scammer Created Npower 2020 Fake Stage 2 Site (

Our team at JobsGivers have critically carried out findings about this Npower Stage 2 rumour. In case you are wondering the purpose and intention of the scammers that created the fake npower stage 2 link, below are what we found out about the intention of the fraudsters:

1. The scammer is using the site to gather mass email address and phone number from Npower applicants. They will make money from the email address by selling them and eventually used the information to scam you later

2. If you are lucky to be selected later by Npower, the scammer will use those login details you have given out to them to manipulate your npower profile, lock you out and take over.

3. The scammer is using this fake npower stage 2 news to drag so much traffic to a particular app on google play stay. That is why when you open the site it is only the app that is vividly looking at you on the page. Chances are so many people will watch the video and click the image to google play store thereby promoting the android App further.

How to Know that the Site Is Not Real

Below are the proven reason why you should know that is not real N-Power stage 2 login link:

1. The link is a mobile web page, if you try to open it on computer, your browser will won you that the site is dangerous. The real npower will never use such link.

2. They use the official npower 2020 recruitment link npower-fmhds-gov-ng as as a sub domain of a fake mobile app webpage. This is completely weird.

3. Official Npower will never advertise a third party android App. on their page. This advert is the major thing you see on this site.

4. After few days of gathering people data, this fake site is now saying it will be back in 14 days time. What a manipulation!

5. Some people enter their bvn, email address and phone number and this fraudulent site gave them a congratulatory message that they have been shortlisted while some where told,  ”sorry you are not shortlisted.” This whole messages where all programmed by this scammer, they have no link to the real npower database.

This Is How To Prove that the Portal Is Fake. Try This!

Just enter a random phone number, email and bvn that does not exist into the space provided by this fake site. and you will be shock that you will still get congratulatory messages for some of them. Funny! right?

Our Advice From JobsGivers

It is risky to be giving out your Npower application ID, BVN, Email Address and Phone number to random fake Npower portals in the name of second stage login or what ever.

If you are eventually selected by Npower the fraudsters that created this portal will still use those information to manipulate your Npower profile, replace your salary account number with their own account number, change the password and lock you out of your own legitimate Npower account. So beware!

How To Get Authentic and Reliable Information About Npower

The best channel to get Npower reliable info is through their official Facebook and Twitter Page ( or For example it has also been clarified in the official npower twitter page by the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development that this so called website is fake.

However, with God helping us at JobsGivers Human Resource Services, we have been helping applicants for various recruitment to get reliable info so as to help them not to fall prey to internet scammers.

We usually send direct messages to applicants who indicate interest when ever we update and release new information.

If you want to be updated about Npower actual exam date, shortlisted candidates or the actual stage 2 login portal. Just indicate your interest by using the comment box below to make your comment.

Prepare With Npower Past Questions And Answers While You Wait

While you are waiting for Npower to release the real stage two login portal link for the second stage / Phase of the recruitment. We advise you get our detailed and well researched Npower Past Question.

Click the image below to download it.

Npower exams past questions - aptitude test

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Good luck!