Beware of Fake N-Power Examination Portal – Fraud Alert

Fake Npower examination portals are all over the internet, they are designed to hack into your bank account. This is a fraud alert – Beware! Since N-Power 2020 recruitment started we have taken it as a responsibility at JobsGivers Human Resource Services to advise and guide applicants through the whole process.

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Fake N-Power Exam / Test  Portal

Not quite long ago fraudsters developed several fake npower portal to mislead candidates trying to register, and we did our best to clarify that issue. Now they have recently developed fake npower examination portal collecting bank Verification Numbers (BVN) and other sensitive bank account details of applicants who thought they were writing Npower test to defraud them of their money by hacking into their bank account. These acclaimed Npower exam portals are fake, please beware and stay away from them.

Beware of Fraud – Npower Alerts Applicants

It’s unfortunate, most candidates don’t read news from the right channels, otherwise federal government has been warning candidates to beware of fake npower examination portal and other various forms of fraud alert has been given by the government but yet applicants are still falling prey to these internet fraudsters.

As a matter of fact exam date is not yet out, if you want further details about the exam date read it here.

How Do I Know the Legit and Authentic Npower Exam Portal

Don’t worry we will not allow you to fall prey to these internet fraudsters, they will never hack into your bank account so long as you keep reading our articles and sharing it on all social media.

Once the real and authentic npower examination portal is released after the application closing date, we will publish it on

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List of Fake Npower Sites / Portal to be Careful Of

After carrying out an in-depth online research, we are currently collating the list of npower fake examination portals and other fake registration portals these fraudster use for their fraudulent activities.

When we are done collating them we will also publish them here so that you will know what to be careful of.

If you want us to forward the list directly to you and the actual authentic npower test portal, indicate your interest using the comment box below.



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