N-Power Test / Exam Date For Batch C – 2021 Timetable NASIMS

N-Power test / exam date for batch C,  see update on 2021 timetable for online examination here. Has Npower fixed date for exam? Read details here. If you have applied for the 2020 batch C recruitment, you can read the latest news update on the exam timetable and the date of Npower screening test.

Npower exams past questions - aptitude test

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Date of Npower Batch C 2021 Test – NASIMS portal

Npower online test date usually come like surprise to candidates that applied for the recruitment because immediately Npower has started sending text messages, sms and email to candidates, those who received the invitation to write the test are expected to do so within 24 hour as long as their test are active, hence there is usually no time to prepare. So candidates must ensure they aware of the 2020 npower exam timetable and test / Screening date.


Npower Exam Timetable

Npower exam timetable for 2021 batch C online CBT test is released alongside the exam date, candidates are therefore advised to keep their eyes on JobsGivers.com for latest up to date reliable information on npower 2021 exam timetable and test date. In this article you will get the latest update on Npower exam timetable and all the necessary info about the date of the online CBT test.


Requirements for Npower Screening Test – Timetable / Date

After getting details of Npower exam date / timetable, it therefore become necessary to get informed about all the necessary requirements needed to write Npower test online: To get you well prepared ahead, we will give you the basic documents and other things you need to write the examination.

Things You Need to Write Npower Test After Knowing the Date / Timetable

Below are the basic things you need to write npower batch C 2021 exam: You must have these things ready before the released of exam timetable and the test date:


  • First of all, make sure you get the complete up to date Npower past questions because their questions are usually repeated. Thank God, we have the complete past questions for the last batch A and B base on our past involvement.  Download it here.


  • Your Npower registration printout that has your application ID


  • Your Bank Verification Number (BNV)


  • A laptop or desktop (Phone / tablet are not recommended at all)


  • Fast internet network


  • Your necessary login details; eg. your email address, phone number and your application number


For the full details on everything you need for the test, how to go about npower online exam in general; Read our previous publication; The secretes of passing Npower test and top mistakes to avoid during the exam.

It is recommended that you use the link above to read that article because everything is revealed there since you need that info before Npower timetable and exam date is released.

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Npower Sending Text Messages, Email to Candidates About Timetable / Exam Date

There has been news that npower has fixed the exam date and that the timetable for 2021 batch C test has been released. Some even said that Npower has started sending invitation messages and mail to candidates about the date they will write their online CBT test.

Actually Npower under the umbrella of National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has commenced preselection process. NASIMS portal has been launch for this purpose to enable all the npower batch C login and update their record. Thereafter the preselection test will begin.

Please note that you must update your record on Npower NASIMS portal before your can write your online Npower batch C test. For more detals on how to updated your profile / record on NASIMS portal, read our previous post on Npower NASIMS.


Please be serious with this information because NPower batch C is real, remember at a time some even said that Npower portal was hacked and that 2020 recruitment is scam. that was totally wrong information, please don’t get yourself confused with irrelevant random information on the web and social media.

Having done proper investigation, we are here to clear the air that  npower 2021 batch C test is already in process with the record update on NASIMS portal taking the first state in the process. However, we advise candidates to keep visiting JobsGivers.com as we will publish all relevant information on our job portal as they come to our table.

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