N-Power Scam, Fake or Real – Is Registration Portal Hacked?

Is N-Power scam, fake or real – Is the Registration portal hacked? Do you Need answers to these questions over 2020 batch C recruitment? Find answers here if you really want to know if it’s true that npower site has been hacked.

Information has been circulating the social media lately that the current ongoing Npower 2020 recruitment is a scam, some even say that Npower registration portal has been hacked by yahoo boys to collect the BVN of innocent applicants to hack into their bank accounts.

We have done some in-depth findings from the right source (Official Npower Pages) and we are here to clear the air over this rumour that Npower site has been hacked and that is a scam.

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Is Npower Portal Hacked?

No, Npower portal is not hacked, the rumour circulating the social media and the internet that Npower 2020 registrations portal has been hacked is fake. This has been verified from Npower official pages. It’s very far from the truth, npower site is not hacked.


Is Npower Program a Scam?

Npower program is not a scam, the 2020 batch C recruitment is not scam, as a matter of fact the recruitment was earlier announced by the federal government in all the television stations about the recruitment. Government cannot scam the masses.

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How to Verify All Rumour About Npower 2020 registration

stay away from fake news on social media and the blogs of some internet fraudsters. The only channel to get the right information about  Npower batch C 2020 recruitment is Npower official social media pages.

If you want to know whether Npower is scam, fake or real; check these their official pages. If the registration portal is actually hacked i believe they will also let applicants know on those channels.

Use the links below to visit npower official social media pages for verified information as regards 2020 batch C recruitment.

1. Click here to visit Npower official Facebook page

2. Click here to visit Npower official Twitter page

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3. Official portal for Npower 2020 recruitment

4. Questions to expect in batch C exam

5. The first announcement over 2020 npower batch C recruitment

We believe we have succeeded in clearing the air over the rumour about npower portal being hacked and Npower being a scam. If you have more questions and inquiries use the comment box below to write your comment.

If you notice any augment anywhere about this rumour of npower site being hacked, share this post with them for clarification. Ensure you also use the sharing button below to share  this post on all whasApp groups, Facebook, twitters and any other channels to prevent the rumour from spreading further.


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