INEC CBT Test 2020 Requires These Basic Computer Skills

INEC 2020 recruitment test will be computer based (CBT), about 60% of candidates may fail the exam because of lack of these basic computer skills. However in this article, we will guide you on the necessary computer skills you need to write 2020 INEC recruitment screening test which is going to be CBT.

INEC Past Questions / Answers for Aptitude Test


INEC Recruitment Test Format

We have earlier written various article to intimate candidates of the kind of questions to expect in INEC 2020 screening, because INEC recruitment screening date is fast approaching.

However, all of that will be less useful to candidates who have no basic computer knowledge required to write INEC test. Like we earlier written, INEC test will contain: Specifics questions about INEC as a commission, Current affairs, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, General Studies etc. But all of these question format will be written via computer, and it is popularly called CBT test.


Why are Computer Skills Important In 2020 INEC Recruitment Test?

  1. The exam will be written on the computer
  2. You will navigate the computer yourself during the test without assistant from INEC officials.
  3. The questions will be timed by the computer. Hence the computer can end the exam for you without your knowledge during INEC CBT test
  4. Why you are busy to understand the computer, your time will be ticking


The Basic Things you Need to Know in Computer to Successfully Write 2020 INEC CBT Test

You don’t need to be a computer guru to write the 2020 INEC recruitment CBT test, however while waiting for the INEC 2020 application closing date to come, there are few necessary things you must be familiar with to avoid a story that touches the heart during INEC CBT test.

The following are the basic things must know:


Understand How All Windows Explorer Works

During the INEC test for 2020 recruitment, you will navigate around computer widows in order to write the test. Hence, you must be at least familiar with modern computer operative system. Like windows 7,8,10.


Keyboard Basic Function and their Shortcut

Most of the time, you will be using the keyboard more to navigate from one question to another during the  CBT test because it’s fast. So you must know how the basic keys work and their shortcut for different functions.


You Must be Familiar With Mouse Usage

Nobody can do without the mouse when it comes to computer usage. Be rest assured that during the 2020 INEC CBT test you cannot do without the mouse. So know the different between right-click and left-click and what each of them are used for.

INEC Past Questions and Answers

Everything we have written about in this article we not make much meaning if you have not yet started preparing with INEC past questions and answers.

To further assist you, we have already compiled 2020 updated INEC past questions and answers for you to enable you successfully pass INEC 2020 CBT test and fulfill your dream of working with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

Use the link below to download the past questions and answers: