NDLEA Aptitude Test exam Past Questions – The Real PDF Material

NDLEA aptitude test exam past questions materials are all overs the internet but knowing the real PDF material to download either for free or purchase is not easy as there are many fake NDLEA Past questions circulating the internet.


How to Know the Real NDLEA Past Questions:

It is not be easy to know the actual real NDLEA Past questions to download in PDF since you may not have the opportunity to know what is inside the material before downloading. But if you are used to buying eBooks and or other digital material online you will know when you are dealing with a fake or real website.

Our general advice about this is that, you must stay away with is that does not look credible when searching for NDLEA exam aptitude test past questions. Most of these site have no verifiable address, they sadly have a secure online payment method , their customer care number are either switched off always or hardly pick calls. Just to mentions a few.


NDLEA Exam Aptitude Test Past Questions Free Download – Is it Worth it?

Free download of any exam past question is usually not recommended by us as many of them on the internet are from fraudsters who use them as bait to gather email address of unsuspecting candidate. You may never get the download link. Even if you do what you will see make push you into reading out of point when preparing for aptitude test exams. We advice you stay away from links that claim to have NDLEA exam aptitude test past questions free download in PDF.


What are the Sample Questions to Expect in NDLEA Exam Aptitude Test?

Here, will give you some of the sample questions to expect in NDLEA exam aptitude test and we will also give you the link to download the real NDLEA past questions materials where you will find the complete past question with detailed explanation and solutions to the questions.



NDLEA exam aptitude test is usually in English Language, Mathematics, Current Affairs and General Studies.  Below are sample questions you will find in our NDLEA past questions material to help you really prepare for the aptitude test. the solutions to all the questions will be found in the complete material when you purchase it.


  1. in 2005, the Nigerian Minister for Education was_ .


A. Pro Fabian Osuji

B. Dr Iyorcha Ayu

C. Mrs Rita Akpan

D. Mallam Adamu Bello

E. None of the above



2. In March 2013, the National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was_


A. Alhaji Bamanga Tukur

B. Babangida Aliyu

C. Chief Maxi Okwu

D. Hakeem Ahmed




3. A form of governance in which all citizens have fundamental equal rights, enjoy liberty and freedom; where the ultimate legitimacy of actions, choices rests with citizens’ legitimate representatives elected by fair ballot is called?


A. Rightocracy

B. Aristocracy

C. Democracy

D. Democrats

E. Democratization



4. Given that P = {x: 1 ≤ x ≤ 6} and Q = {x: 2 ˂ x ˂ 10}, where x is an intege Find n (P ∩Q).


A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 10



5. If the second and fourth terms of a G. are 8 and 32 respectively, what is the sum of the first four terms?

A. 28

B. 40

C. 48

D. 60


To get the complete actual NDLEA exam aptitude test past questions material to enable you really prepare for the exam, use the product link below to download the PDF file.



NDLEA Aptitude Test exam Past Questions - The Real PDF Material
NDLEA past questions