Lagos State Teachers Recruitment (TESCOM) – Step by Step Guide to Apply

Here is a step by step guide on how to successfully submit application for Lagos State Teachers Recruitment (TESCOM) 2019


A Brief Overview of Lagos state Ministry of Education


The Ministry of Education is set to positively influence and reshape the present educational system in the state with a view to improving capacity and performance outcomes by redirecting and optimizing resources, designing effective policies, setting time lines in order to maximize educational excellence and progressively move towards the attainment of the desired quality education standards.


To provide enriched educational experience for students in schools through the provision of quality standards, pedagogy excellence, appropriate teaching methods or approaches, learning resources and instructional materials that are all indispensable ingredients that guarantee high-quality education leading to stimulating learning experience and excellent performance.


Qualifications Requirements for Lagos State Teaching Jobs

Applicants should possess any of the following academic qualifications;

(i). Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) and a First Degree

(ii). Bachelor of Education (B.Ed/B.Sc Ed/B.A Ed) in Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology, Home Economics and other courses relevant to the above listed subjects ( i– xviii).

(iii). Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

(iv). Higher National Diploma (HND) and Technical Teachers Certificate (TTC)/Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)


Feature Jobs / subject area for Secondary School Classroom Teacher, Grade Level 08



How to apply for Lagos State Teaching Job for 1000 Secondary School Teachers 2019

We have been having series of mail and calls from candidate concerning the difficult nature of submitting application for the ongoing Lagos State Government recruitment for 1000 teachers 2019 by Lagos State Teaching Service Commission – TESCOM. Our team at JobsGivers has put this guide together to assist those candidate facing such challenges, as our work is to help Nigeria job seekers source for jobs and submit application and also guide those who wants to do it themselves on the right thing to do.


In this guide we will explain how to apply for the Lagos State teaching job announced by TESCOM.


Steps to apply for Lagos State Teaching JOB (TESCOM)

  1. Create an account with a valid email address
  2. After creating an account, login with the email address and the password you chose while creating the account
  3. Click apply at the bottom of the page
  4. Choose your subject area, please read the requirement very well before choosing because it cannot be reversed after selection
  5. Then start filing the require sessions, your success depends on this area to a large extent so you must do it professionally. This includes:
  • Personal Info,
  • Academic Qualifications
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Work experience.
  • My report
  1. Print your application slip.


Key Advice from Us

  1. There is a professional way to optimize your work experience for Government teaching jobs to make you stand out. Don’t just dump your work experience the way you usually do it. Even if you don’t have teaching experience there is also a workarounds to put yourself in the line. We usually emphasize this in our Apply For Me page.
  2. For jobs like this that has a lot of traffic and Network Bridge, most applications are submitted in error without the applicant knowing it and as such will not be on Lagos State Government TESCOM database while you think you have submitted successfully. It takes extra skills to notice this, be wise and technically optimize your browser to override this.
  3. If you did not read pure education, don’t just choose a subject area because that is what you studied in school. It may be wiser to focus more on your faculty rather than your course; there are professional reasons for this.


How we can help you at JobsGivers Human Resource Services

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If you want to follow our step by step guide to submit the application yourself, Click Here to Visit the Application Page and Apply Yourself.


In the course of your application, if you need any assistance or clarification, just drop your comment in the comment box below and one of our support agents will help you out.

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Good Luck.


The JobsGivers Team.