Npower Transition Portal Reopened – New Way to Participate

If you have been anxiously waiting for Npower Transition to reopen their port, congratulation because the portal is now reopened. Here is the new way to participate.


Few weeks ago Npower opened their portal for Npower transition to enable 2016 Npower beneficiaries select the sector where they want to be transited in the new Npower enhancement.


But however, the portal was only opened for 24 hours and was shot down, since then several candidates on our job boad have been asking us when the Npower transition will be reopened to enable thousands of beneficiaries who could not participate in the transition programme before the closing date get involve.


We promised candidates and beneficiaries using that we will follow up the trend and inform them when the Npower transition reopen their portal.


Today we are happy to announce to  you that the portal has been reopened, but however there are few procedures you need to follow to enable you get to the transition page. It’s a little bit different from the previous way other beneficiaries selected their choice of enhancement, please pay attention to this procedure so that you will not miss it.


Follow the step accordingly, do not attempt step 2 without step 1.



Step 1

Login to your NPVN dashboard as usual (LOGIN HERE)

Step 2

When you are sure that you are on your dashboard, leave the page opened without login out and come back to this article where you will follow a link that will take you direct to the Npower transition page. (NOW CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE TRANSITION PAGE)

Now that you are on the reopened Npower transition page, you can now select your choice from the various categories.



  1. After login into your NPVN dashboard in step 1 above, please make sure you see your details on the dashboard before proceeding to step 2
  2. After doing your own and you want to use the same phone or computer to do for another person, make sure you logout and restart that phone or computer before attempting to do for another person, otherwise the person will be participating under your profile.
  3. In our previous article, we guide beneficiaries during the first transition on what to be careful about when choosing from the transition categories; you can read that article here before proceeding.


If the guide in this article work for you and you are able to select your choice in this new reopened portal, please come back here and use the comment session below to drop your comment and appreciate our effort.


If you are also having challenges following the procedures above, also come back here and drop your comment in the comment box below so we can help you personally.


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Once again, congratulations, because Npower transition has finally reopened their portal for enhancement.


The JobsGivers team.