Be Careful When Choosing from Npower Transition Categories

Here are some important things to bear in mind before choosing from the Npower Transition categories, we believe these tips will guide you.

In  this update about Npower Transition and enhancement, we advice beneficiaries to be careful when choosing from the available categories, your choice will either get you a permanent job or throw you back into the Nigeria labour market and start submitting CV all over again.

Nobody actually know where exactly this Npower programme will finally land beneficiaries but will believe that the programme is gradually rapping up that is why it is very important you tread with caution when making your choice in Npower Transition and ensure you do it fast before the closing date.


What is Npower Transition

We believe Npower Transition is a system put in place by the Federal Government  to gradually transit current Npower beneficiaries from the temporary empowerment programme into a more serious permanent job either by way of teaching career in Government schools, self employment or  companies / organisation consultancy.

Whatever the agenda behind the transition, from our experience we advice beneficiaries to be very sure of what they want and  have passion for before jumping into selecting from the six categories and click submit. Remember, you cannot undo your choice after submission.


Tips to Apply When Choosing From Npower Transition Categories

Before will list out these tips based on our experience with Npower programme, having followed it up since inception. We advice you to let your PASSION GUIDE you, be sure of your passion and apply the tips below before selecting from the categories. Although, you can select more than one in the transition categories but the truth remain that you must not select all.

Let these tips guide you:

  1. If you don’t have passion for a particular sector, select the whole categories to increase your over all chance.
  2. If you only have passion for certain areas, select only  those areas and that will increase your chance in those areas and of course reduce your overall chance in the other area.
  3. If you have passion for only one category, for example teaching, make sure you select only teaching and that will really boost your chance of being selected in that teaching area.


Available Categories in Npower Transition

  1. Become a SANEF Agent
  2. Start a Business with a GEEP Loan
  3. Become a Teacher
  4. Start a Farm / Expand your Farm
  5. Become a Field / Data Agent
  6. Become a Community Policeman



This is just an advice form us, nobody can really predict the mind of the federal government in this Npower Transition.

You must not use those tips given by us above, just let your initiative guide you.

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