Why Most Nigerians shop on Jumia – Secrets Revealed

In this article, all the secrets about why most Nigerians shop on Jumia will be revealed, we will also analyze Jumia major competitors.


We usually get asked by our readers if Jumia Nigeria is a conducive and reliable platform to shop online, so we did an in-depth research and came up with this review about the behaviours of Nigerians towards shopping on Jumia.


It’s no longer news that the trend of online shopping in Nigeria is increasing on daily bases. Some years ago the term “Online Shopping” was quite strange in Nigeria, an average Nigerian then, saw online shopping as a practice which could only be found abroad.


Just recently, with the emergence of Nigeria based online shopping platform like Jumia, Konga, Deluxe, kara, Slot, Jiji just to mention a few with Jumia and Konga topping the list.  More Nigerians now see the need to shop online rather than walking up to a physical store to do their shopping, though some Nigerian still feel very skeptical shopping online as only few online stores in Nigeria are trustworthy and provide the needed credit / debit card security in shopping online, but however the number of Nigerians trooping into Jumia online store is fast increasing on daily basis as compared to other online stores in Nigeria.


The Secrets Behind Most Nigerians Preferring to shop on Jumia.

There are several online stores in Nigeria with guaranteed security but most Nigerians still prefer to shop on Jumia hence the ever growing eCommerce company is getting more popularity in Nigeria.


Recently Jobsgivers Reporters carried out extensive survey and research on the behavior of Nigeria online shoppers and we were able to come up with so many findings, Those findings could possibly be part of the reasons Jumia has become average Nigerian’s best bet when it comes to online shopping, therefore making the eCommerce company stands out amidst other online stores in Nigeria.


Now let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why most Nigerians shop on Jumia:


  1. Timely delivery

Jumia has one of the largest warehouses in the country that can accommodate more than enough products, with proper logistic put in place across the 36 states of the federation, any product purchased on Jumia is easily delivered to the buyer at the stipulated time as most of the products are readily available in their warehouse. Apart from their company’s delivery vehicles, Jumia also partner with private vehicle owners in all localities to ease logistics and delivery in their business.


  1. Pay on Delivery System

Owning to the low level of trust among Nigerians, people still prefer the Pay-on-Delivery system than the Pay-in-Advance system. In a survey conducted by Thisday Newspapers Ltd in the year 2016, taking 3,990 consumers as a case study.  Paragraph 7 of that publication reported that consumers preference for Pay-on-Delivery system is a trend that shows no evidence of decline, it was also reported that 78 per cert prefer to pay for a product after it is delivered to them rather than paying in advance.


The fact that Jumia operate both payment methods is another reason most consumers in Nigeria will rather do their online shopping on their store to enable them see an item before payment. However, it’s not all items on Jumia store that qualify for Pay-on-Delivery system.


  1. Third Party Quality Check for all Items before Sales

Jumia is not the manufacturer of the items in their online store; as a matter of fact most of the items in jumia store are as a result of partnership with other traders, dealers and importers. Before items from these third parties are displayed for sales on Jumia, a thorough quality check is conducted by Jumia professionals to ensure that the items are in good condition so as to protect the interest of the consumers who use their online store for shopping. If they notice any product defect, such product will not be listed on their store. Most buyers couldn’t have been smart enough to notice such product defect if they had purchased the product directly from the dealer’s stores.


Most Nigerians consumers therefore prefer to shop on Jumia since they will be buying items that have already passed through extra quality check by professionals before delivery.


Jumia now serves as intermediary between the online buyers and the sellers thereby making the online shopping ecosystem in Nigeria conducive for both parties, this further strengthened the reasons why most Nigerians shop on Jumia.


  1. Guaranteed Credit Card Security

One of the major drawback Nigeria had in the past in online shopping is the lack of adequate security of credit / debit cards of consumers who shop online, with the latest technological advancement in the Nigeria banking system, Jumia with their online payments partners constantly monitor transactions for suspicious behaviours and irregularities. When suspicious transactions are noticed, they are immediately flagged for their expert to do manual verification.


On rare occasion, if their expert suspect possible fraud, the transaction will be placed on hold while the customer will be required to present further means of identification to ensure that it was actually the right card holder performing the transaction.


Most Nigerians therefore prefer Jumia online shopping platform because of the guaranteed credit / debit card security available on their platform.


  1. Regular Deals that Attracts Massive Discount

When it comes to deals and promotional offer in online shopping in Nigeria, Jumia is the best bet for the average Nigerian as they currently take the lead in massive discount offers in Nigeria. Some of these deals that attract massive discounts could be periodical, regular or promotional. This is one of their strongest backbones in business; they use them as great irresistible incentives to attract more Nigerian buyers to their store on regular basis. We can now see that this is one of the reasons why most Nigerians shop on Jumia. Who doesn’t like discount!


Below are some of the deals and offers buyers can find on Jumia online store either regularly or periodically:

Nigeria eCommerce Jumia
Photo Credit: brandspurng.com



I see this as a revealed secrets as this is the major market strategy of Jumia. This is usually crazy discounts that will blow your mind in their clearance sales. Buyers can get as high as 70% discount on variety of items ranging from Phones, Fashion, Smart Watches, Electronics, Groceries, Kitchen Accessories, Baby Things etc. Deals start as low as ₦1,000.

The good thing about these deals is that they are not periodical; they are available on Jumia on daily basis.


The period of the deals is usually timed, meaning there is a time countdown on the page to monitor the duration. So you may have to keep your eyes on the time to monitor the timing to enable you qualify for the discounts.



If you are phones lover, this is one deal on Jumia you must keep your eyes on. As a matter of fact in our last research about Nigeria eCommerce it was discovered that this mobile deal is one of the major reasons most Nigeria online shoppers can’t seem to get their eyes off Jumia store.


Jumia Mobile Week is not something you will want to miss because it’s a full week massive discount on the latest best mobile phones, tablets and accessories from the best brands in the Nigeria mobile phone market. These brands range from Samsung, Nokia, Infinix, Gionee, Apple, Tecno, Huawei, HTC etc.


Jumia actually partner with the major players in the mobile phone market to give massive discounts during their mobile week. One can even get as high as 50% discount on mobile phones, tablet and accessories.


The highlight of the story is that each of the phone brands has a session during the event to give an unusual promotional offer for their brands as well as mind blowing giveaway offers. You never can tell the level of surprising offers you can get on mobile phones during the Jumia mobile week. It’s better experienced than being told.


The mobile week is a periodical offer and the date is usually announced by Jumia officially. However, we monitor all the deals on Jumia to keep our readers well prepared ahead of time, so you may want to subscribe to our newsletter or visit jobsgivers.com regularly for update.



Nigeria online shoppers may forget anything but Jumia Black Friday deals is one thing that sticks to the memories of an average Nigerian.  Whether Easter black Friday or Christmas / New Year black Friday, there are always massive discounts and other lots of juicy promotional offers to expect.


During Black Friday deals if your fingers are fast on the computer when placing an order you will really enjoy massive discounts you will live to remember during the fastest finger session, that is why will advise people to browse on computers rather than phones during Jumia Black Friday deals as phones network may not be strong enough compared to somebody placing order on desktop browser.


For now we will summarize this Black Friday deals on Jumia as we intend to write an exhaustive article about this soon to enable you get the best out of their black Friday deals.

As soon as Jumia announced the next Black Friday deals, we will publish it here and send it to our email subscribers as well. So we advise you to visit this blog regularly for details as the announcement for the next Black Friday deals will soon be published by Jumia. You may also want to subscribe to our email news letter for personal updates.



Talking about why most Nigerians shop on Jumia, we can’t afford to leave Jumia Wednesday Super Sales out of the story. If you must miss any deal on Jumia, definitely not Wednesday Super Sales that starts every Wednesday by 9: am. In this deal you can get over 50% discounts on several random items. This Wednesday Super Sale has other sub-deals embedded in it which make it stand out among other deals on Jumia.


Wednesday Super Sales is made up of 5 other deals and they are listed below:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • ₦500 Shop
  • Wednesday Giveaway
  • Mega Flash Sales
  • Jumia Prime Happy Hour


Now we are going to look at these Wednesday Super Sales Deals one after the other to enable Nigeria online shoppers know what is best for them.


  • Jumia Grocery Shopping

Wednesday Super Sales usually kick off with this deal by 9: am and it’s majorly for grocery items, so if you shop regularly for grocery items you can take advantage of this Wednesday deals. You can get up to 33% discounts on grocery items; it also qualifies you to enjoy free delivery with Jumia Prime.

Kick Off Time: 9am every Wednesday.

  • Jumia ₦500 Shop

This might sound too good to be true but it’s real; in Jumia ₦500 Shop you can pay ₦500 only for your favorite products. You can get as high as 80% discounts on this session of Wednesday Super Sales.

Kick Off Time: 10am

  • Jumia Wednesday Giveaway

An average Nigerian who shops online knows about Jumia Wednesday Giveaway. As the name implies, it’s 100% giveaway, meaning you don’t pay a dime if you qualify for any of the items. The giveaway items range from 4.5 KVA Elepaq Generator (₦82,400), Sony PS4 500GB + Fifa 19 (₦117,490), Samsung S10 Phone and Voucher (₦275,500) etc.


This is How the Wednesday Giveaway Works

Step 1 Create an account on Jumia or sign in if you already have an account

Step 2 – At 12 noon join the live session and submit your phone number.

Step 3 – Jumia will randomly pick 5 phone numbers to call during the live session

Step 4 – If you are one of the lucky ones, you will answer 3 questions

Step 5 – If you get all three questions, YOU WIN!

Kick Off Time: 12pm


  • Jumia Mega Flash Sales

As the name implies, these are highly discounted sales that usually come like a flash and they are for specific period. If you are fast enough to place an order before someone else does, you qualify for this massive discounts. However the chance of qualifying for this offer is very low as it’s highly competitive.


Jumia put certain terms and conditions in place to guide this deal because of the sensitive nature of the deal. Below are the terms and condition guiding Mega Flash Sales:


  1. Flash sales are usually limited to one item per customer.
  2. As selected products are popular and of limited quantity, you can expect them to sell out very quickly.
  3. Flash sales typically sell out in seconds.
  4. Selected products are offered to the public at highly subsidized prices by Jumia. Discount level can be as high as 90% off depending on the offer
  5. The number of products are of a limited quantity.
  6. Flash sales go live at a specified time.
  7. You need to be super quick with your phone and on a fast and stable internet connection to buy a flash sale.
  8. Jumia reserves the right to cancel orders it deems as fraudulent.
  9. Jumia reserves the right to change products offered for flash sales.
  10. Flash sales are only available on the Jumia App.
  11. Finding an item and adding it to your cart is no guaranty that you will be able to checkout with it before others.
  12. Bear in mind that tens of thousands of people are on the same page trying to buy the same product.
  13. It’s really a case of the fastest fingers first.


Having seen the terms and conditions above, if you are willing to spare your time and play the gamble, you can try it out, who knows you might just be the Spiderman who can dive down the skyscraper without getting hut!

Kick Off Time: 2pm


  • Jumia Prime Happy Hour

If you really want to know why most Nigerians shop on Jumia, Jumia Prime Happy Hour is one of them. This offer is exclusively for Jumia Prime subscriber only. During the Jumia Prime Happy Hour, there is extra discounts on grocery shopping and special mega flash sales.


Note: This offer is for Jumia Prime customers only, to get more details about Jumia Prime and how to subscribe, follow the link below to visit Wednesday Super Sales page.

Kick Off Time: 3pm



Based on our recent findings above, you can now see the reasons why most Nigerians shop on Jumia. So we can comfortably say that the Nigeria online shopping system is waxing stronger on daily basis with Jumia, Konga, Deluxe, kara, Slot, Jiji and several other reliable Nigeria based online stores creating a conducive atmosphere for buyers to shop online.


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Take Home:

Having known the reasons why most Nigerians shop on Jumia, you too can also take advantage of these various interesting offers available on Jumia, for example the prices of Apple Smart Watches on various specs are drastically discounted if it’s listed on Jumia Deal of the day sales.

We advise you to also explore other reliable Nigeria online stores like Konga, Deluxe, kara, Slot, Jiji etc. to get the best out of Nigeria eCommerce sector.


Which of the Nigeria online stores do you prefer most? Let’s us know your view and your reasons in the comment session below so we can help one another get the best out of Nigeria eCommerce ecosystem.