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Startup Nigeria (www.startupnigeria.ng) is causing confusion everywhere, don’t be confused. See the actual registration portal here.

Startup Nigeria (www.startupnigeria.ng) is the new empowerment programme by the Federal Government, started this June 2019 but many applicant don’t know the actual registration portal for Startup Nigeria as a result of this, several of them have been submitting their personal details on fake websites that are not real in a bid to apply for Startup Nigeria.

Having received several questions from candidates who are confused about the actual portal that was released by Startup Nigeria to capture candidate details for the empowerment exercises.

Some believe the right portal is www.startupnigeria.ng while other type in startupnigeria.ng in their web browser. Some even believed the real website for registration is www.startupnigeria.com or better still startupnigeria.com.

We also noticed that some applicants typed random words that are not well spelt in the browser in a bid to access Start up Nigeria portal.

Some of the random incorrect words some ignorant candidates typed into their browser are start up nigeria ng, www start up Nigeria, startup.ng, startup.ng, startup.com.ng, startupnigeria.com.ng.

We say: STOP! Please stop keying in those random word, they will only lead you to fake website instead of the real website of Startup Nigeria.

Our Advice

To protect your interest, we advise you to follow our first job listing and click on the application link in the job overview to be directed to the actual page where you can apply for Startup Nigeria. You can see that job listing here

If you are still confused, just type JOBSGIVERS.COM in your web browser and you will be taken to JobsGivers job portal where you can now get the link to Startup Nigeria Portal.

If you have any question or need clarification just drop your comment in the comment box below and one of our human resource team will respond to you shortly.

Remember to read our publication on how to answer Startup Nigeria questions

We wish you the best of luck,

The JobsGivers team