Startup Nigeria Empowerment – Real, Fake or Scam?

Is Startup Nigeria really real, fake or Scam? Since this new empowerment programme started,  several Nigerians have been asking if this Startup Nigeria Programme is actually real, fake or just a mere scam. In this publication the rumour of whether it’s fake, scam or real will be clarified.

Startup Nigeria is neither fake non a scam, this 2019 empowerment initiative is quit real. This programme is three months incubator which target the empowerment of fertile minds who have zeal for creativity and development by supporting them with the sum of One Million Naira capital.

The empowerment programme is an initiative of National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) under the office of the Vice President Osinbajo, so the programme is not a scam.

Startup Nigeria is real and not fake, Nigerians are advised to take advantage of the opportunity and stand a chance of being empowered with a whooping sum of One Million Naira.

If you are yet to register for Startup Nigeria, follow the link below to see additional information and do your application.