P-YES Started Sending Massages – Received Message or Mail From PYES?

Many people got messages and mail from PYES yesterday, 27th of May 2019. Did you get mail or message from Pyes? Se update here.

The following questions about PYES messages have been flying around everywhere:


  1. Did anyone receive message from P-YES?
  2. I received Pyes message today 26may 2019, what is the next thing?
  3. Is it true that Pyes is sending messages and mail to people?
  4. I did not get mail or message from PYES, what should I do?
  5. What kind of message did P-YES sent


If the questions above have been bothering you, in this new PYES update 20th may 2019 will are going to clarify all that you need to know about rumour of PYES sending massages to candidate who have been shortlisted for third stage.

Yesterday, a an update were given about P-YES and publication was released concerning PYES text messages and mail. Just follow the link bellow to read all the full details about PYES messages:


If you also want to have idea about PYE past update to follow the trend properly, you can read any of the updates below:

Need more clarification, drop your comment below: