SUSDEVI Sent Email for Interview Invitation | Received Email from SUSDEVI?

SUSDEVI has Sent Email to Candidates for Interview Invitation, You can Read the update of SUSDEVI Interview Invitation Email Here.

Sustainable Development International (SUSDEVI) announced that today being 8th of May 2019, they will send email to selected candidates who meet their requirements for interview invitation for the 2019 SUSDEVI recruitment in Nigeria.

SUSDEVI has sent email to the selected candidates for interview today 8th May 2019. Find the update below:


  • Has anybody received email from SUSDEVI for interview?
  • I have not received interview invitation email from SUSDEVI, what do I do next?
  • I got email from SUSDEVI inviting me for interview, did anybody get such email?
  • What am I expecting in SUSDEVI interview now that I received email from them?
  • How do I prepare for their interview after receiving interview invitation mail from them?
  • How much is SUSDEVI salary?
  • What is the job description at SUSDEVI?



Top Fans for the Month of April and the SDGs Action Awards

So Facebook notified us yesterday that the following persons were most active on our Facebook Page in the month of April.
This was determined by Facebook’s algorithm through activities like commenting and sharing of the Page’s posts.

In recognition of their efforts, we’d like to offer each of them a token reward of 2GB internet data for any Nigerian network of their choice. So we kindly request that they respond to our inbox message with their preferred network and corresponding phone number as soon as possible (all data will be sent latest tomorrow).

They are:

Emmanuel Shikanyi

Clara Chikonwa

Shekwolo Danjuma

Terfa Orkaa

Yunus Mohammed

Samuel Agbedo

Ofonime Edet

Okolo Vivian

Sarki Abad

Chisom Anizoba

Amina Mohammed

Celine Lucy

Shedrack Saidu

Donald David

Chidinma Jennifer Mbonu

Kenneth Obi Igboanu

Apev Dooyum

Uzornwanne Igbenabor

Meanwhile, we have been receiving loads of enquiries since early morning, all showing different levels of nervousness about the invitation emails being sent today.

This is a bit flattering to us but also quite touching.

Unfortunately, the reality is that only a small percentage of qualified candidates will receive emails today. Half of these would have received their emails by 12noon and the rest before 4pm (Nigerian time).

However, not getting an invite should not be a reason to despair as there are numerous other things that we can still do together.

We would love to find opportunities for our ACTIVE fans, especially those who are unemployed and are in need of income for sustenance.
This is a challenge we must tackle!

Under our SDGs Action awards, we will work with our current and future Market Access partners to secure a minimum level financial commitment which will be used to support our most active fans (SDGs Champions). Also, should there be unfilled vacancies in our organization (in case some candidates miss the interview or forfeit the employment offer), these champions will be given priority in mop up exercises to fill up those positions.

The SDGs Actions awards, which will commence later in May or early June, will be more encompassing and rewarding and will replace Facebook’s Top Fans for the Month.

More details on this and other programs will be revealed in due course.

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Good luck,

The JobsGivers team!