SUSDEVI Questions / Essay for makeup Test – EscrowLock escrow services – Chinese language learning

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The makeup test will commence on Monday April 15, 2019 for candidates whose surname start with A or B and will take place online at the website of Global Standard Tests .

The test will not have essays so we shall be posting few web articles that candidates can review beforehand.

These articles will center on the relationship between Chinese language learning and EscrowLock escrow services in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria and Africa.
Random questions about SUSDEVI and even Global Standard Tests will be asked too.

Remember to read and reread the test instructions when the time comes.


SUSDEVI Questions / Essay for makeup Test – EscrowLock escrow services – Chinese language learning



The question; What Is Escrow Payment And How Does Escrow Service Work In Nigeria? is one of the question that will be featured in the SUSDEVI makeup test that commenced 15th, April, 2019.

The SUSDEVI makeup test article below about Escrow Payment in Nigeria is the comprehension passage from which candidate are expected to draw answer for the SUSDEVI test question that say What Is Escrow Payment And How Does Escrow Service Work In Nigeria?

Ecommerce in Nigeria, estimated at $13 billion by the London based Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), is a vital sector that, if properly harnessed, can create more means of livelihood for individuals and massive jobs for youths, enhance Market Access and sales for SME’s, boost economic development, reduce poverty and help in achieving lots of other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Unfortunately, the progress of ecommerce in Nigeria is being hampered by several factors, one of which is distrust caused by the activities of fraudsters and scammers who pose online as genuine sellers or buyers.

It is very common to have situations where buyers pay for goods and services online only to wake up to the realization that they have been scammed.

Same applies to unsuspecting sellers who sell their goods/services and end up either incurring losses or getting out rightly defrauded.

To solve the mistrust between buyers and sellers and drastically reduce incidences of online fraud, escrowlock escrow payment services have proved beneficial.

Escrow payments are such that a buyer, instead of paying to the seller directly, agrees to an arrangement with the seller and pays the money to a mutually trusted third party (escrow company/agency) who holds the money and releases it to the seller when it has been confirmed that the buyer has received the goods/services.

Genuine escrow companies have unique and effective ways of protecting the sellers too and settling disputes that may arise.

Escrow payment can be used for the purchase of virtually any kind of product/service, be it physical products like a pair of shoes, piece of furniture, electronics, car, land or real estate; virtual products like software, ebooks, digital images, music files, secret keys/access codes; or services like hiring someone to do web design, create music/video/graphic content, etc.

As fraudsters generally shy away from escrow payment arrangements, it has been shown that insisting on escrow payment is one effective way to know if a seller is genuine.

For a small fee, usually not more than 5 per cent of the transaction value, trusted online escrow companies can be engaged to protect both the buyer and seller and help boost ecommerce in Nigeria.

However, care must be taken to only use online escrow services that are certified by the International Financial and Escrow Services Accreditation Board, the official body that not only regulates against fake online escrow services but provides $2 billion insurance access to clients of certified escrow companies.




EscrowLock is a trusted third party escrow service company that holds funds on behalf of two or more parties for a set period, after which it releases the funds to a designated party when transaction is fulfilled.

Most use cases of EscrowLock is between a buyer and a seller, where EscrowLock receives money from a buyer, safely locks it and releases it to the seller when it has been confirmed that the seller has delivered designated goods/services.

The EscrowLock escrow payment service, however, can be used for a variety of other types of legal transactions that may not necessarily involve buying and selling of goods or services.
For example, two friends who decide to go on a bet can use EscrowLock to secure the bet funds and have it released to the winner that emerges.

EscrowLock’s main operational focus is the African continent, including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana where it aims to reduce fraud and scams associated with online transactions in order to boost ecommerce among individuals and small businesses; a move that will consequently help to fight poverty, create employment and contribute to the achievement of other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To help reduce scams and fraudulent transactions that adversely affect individuals and businesses engaged in ecommerce.

A world of safe transactions


Please Note:

Escrow Payment Services and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How can escrow payment services contribute to achieving the SDGs in Nigeria?

From this example escrow website (, can you identify the SDGs that can positively benefit from the adoption of escrow payments? How many are they?

Such SDGs related questions will feature in the makeup test that will commence 15th. April, 2019

Remember to read and reread the test instructions when the time comes.

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SUSDEVI Questions / Essay for makeup Test – EscrowLock escrow services – Chinese language learning




Study Grants, Summer Travels For Chinese Language Learners in Nigeria, Africa

To expand its global influence, China has invested heavily in developing nations around the world.

These strides have drawn unease and unfavourable media propaganda basically from fear that such moves by China can undermine the interests of the United States and some other western countries in Africa.

Irrespective of the propaganda, however, the U.S. based Foreign Policy Group has stated that Chinese aid and investment can be good or bad depending on what African nations choose to make of them.


The rise of China has necessitated the need for more Chinese language speakers across the globe and especially in Africa where China is making serious inroads.

Within the last two decades, China has grown from a small player in Africa to the source of nearly $200 billion in trade and $75 billion in aid to the continent.


Estimates say that there are more than 250,000 Chinese language related jobs in Africa that are currently unfulfilled; a figure that is projected to double by year 2022.

This holds great potential for the achievement of a number of the Sustainable Development Goals, including Goal 8 (decent work and economic growth) and Goal 1 (No Poverty).


Study Grants, Summer Travels For Chinese Language Learners in Nigeria, Africa

To help Africa meet up with this shortfall in human capital, China’s language teaching giant, Guoji Dui, announced an ambitious plan in late 2018 to extend its online Chinese language teaching service to Africa – a move that is strongly backed by its government.

Under this plan, 2,500 of Guoji Dui’s best students from Africa will be selected every year and awarded study grants and sponsorship for cultural trips to China to enable them hone their language skills and immerse themselves in the unique Chinese culture.


Out of this yearly quota, it is expected that Nigeria – being the most populated African nation and the top focus for the next stage of the Sino-Africa relations – may receive as much as 40 percent of the slots.

The academia is of particular interest here as there is need to train and supply the desperately needed teaching staff for tertiary institutions across Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Hence, a proportion of the travel quota is reserved for graduates of higher institutions – whether from engineering, science, arts or other fields of study – who will be willing to enrol in a 2-year scholarship program in China for the award of Masters in Teaching Chinese. But that must be after they have attained a particular level of study under Guoji Dui.

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