Sustainable Development International | Susdevi Aptitude Test Questions Instructions

Sustainable Development International | Susdevi Aptitude Test Questions Instructions is highly recommended for candidates preparing for SUSDEVI test.

Welcome to the Aptitude and Comprehension Test (ACT)
interface on Sustainable Development International Recruitment- SUSDEVI.
SUSDEVI has begin its online test for applicants that registered or atleast opened an account on their website.

1. Each section consists of an essay followed by some questions with multiple choice answers, mostly true/false responses.

2. Read and digest the Essays and then proceed to the next page to answer the questions in record time.

3. Each question has a Hint that contains the answer to that particular question.

4. To answer each question; click on the Hint and read up the content that will be loaded up in a new page, close the page, return to the question and select the answer option that correlates most with the Hint that you have read.
Be on the look out as sometimes, the Hint may be different from the content of the essay. So it is extremely important that you check the hint first before answering any question, no matter how innocent the question may look.
In a case where the correct answer is not available in the Hint, select “Not applicable” as the answer.

5. Since the questions presented to you are selected at random, it may look like some questions appear more than once. Don’t be deceived.

6. Maximum time allowed for each Section is 15 minutes. Time taken to finish up and submit will matter (the earlier the better).

7. Section A has maximum number of two trials, which means that you can try it a second time and an average of the scores obtained will be recorded for you. Section B has just one trial.
DO NOT attempt the tests beyond the number of trials stated here else you be penalized.

8. Once you start the Test, do not refresh the Page as doing so may submit your work prematurely and count against you.

9. It is in your best interest not to disclose the questions or share your experience with anyone, at least until after everyone must have taken theirs.

10. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and reliable before proceeding with the tests.

11. Your friends can use your device to take the test after you have done so, as long as you remember to log out so that they can register and take theirs.

12. You will not have the opportunity to reset your password if you forget it. So consider writing it down somewhere.

13. You can use a mobile phone to take the test, but only if it is of good quality and has enough RAM.
Avoid loading taking the test through Facebook Messenger App. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers should be good.

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Good luck!

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