Applicants can find the full update of SUSDEVI Login – SUSDEVI Next Stage & SUSDEVI Test here. See what is required of you now.

The portal for Sustainable Development International (SUSDEVI) Recruitment 2019 was close for new applicants few days ago, hence many of them were taken unaware.

Since then the JobsGivers team has been answering one call or the other from applicants who are anxious to know the next stage of Sustainable Development International (SUSDEVI) Recruitment 2019. The applicants question below will form the bases of this publication about Sustainable Development International (SUSDEVI) Recruitment 2019.



  • Has 2019 SUSDEVI application closed?
  • SUSDEVI Login Problem – I can’t login to my account
  • How do I login to my 2019 SUSDEVI account?
  • What is SUSDEVI next stage?
  • Has SUSDEVI Shortlisted Names for Test
  • When is SUSDEVI Test
  • Will they reopen the portal for 2019 SUSDEVI application?
  • Has the next stage for 2019 SUSDEVI application started?
  • How do I connect to SUSDEVI on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?


Like we said earlier; SUSDEVI Login – SUSDEVI Next Stage & SUSDEVI Test will form the basis of this discussion about Sustainable Development International (SUSDEVI) Recruitment 2019.

If any of the above questions and challenges about SUSDEVI Login – SUSDEVI Next Stage & SUSDEVI Test etc. applies to you, then settle down and read this publication about 2019 SUSDEVI recruitment.



The closure of 2019 SUSDEVI application is temporary, the portal will be reopened and new application will be accepted before the 2019 SUSDEVI online test begins. So if you could not register before this temporary closure, you still have hope of applying for 2019 SUSDEVI recruitment.


SUSDEVI Latest Update (4th, February 2019)

The recent update of SUSDEVI as at today 4th, February 2019 from their official social channel announcement, can be found in red print below in quote:


“Having reached the set deadline for creation of Application Profiles, the first stage in the ongoing recruitment has closed (temporarily).

Due to multiple complaints from applicants about difficulty in accessing the application portal, we have decided to extend receipt of applications to a future date.

A decision on when the applications will be reopened (and for how long) will be announced after an internal meeting on Wednesday February 6, 2019.

The Online Assessment platform for candidates who have already applied is ready, but the tests will have to be delayed until receipt of applications is concluded to allow for uniformity.

Best wishes,
Recruitment Team, Sustainable Development International”

I Still Have Questions About SUSDEVI Login – SUSDEVI Next Stage & SUSDEVI Test

If you still have questions bothering you about SUSDEVI recruitment 2019, you can read SUSDEVI Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) below. It touched and answer most of the questions that will ever bother you about SUSDEVI recruitment 2019,

SUSDEVI Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Ongoing Recruitment for Multiple Vacancies in Several States in Nigeria.

  1. I am interested, how do I Apply?

Answer: Visit, read and carefully follow the guidelines.

  1. Do I get an email confirmation when I create/update my Application profile?

Answer: You will not receive email confirmation for this. Just create/update your Application Profile and it gets saved on the website.

  1. How would I know if my Application is successful?

Answer: To check if you have successfully created an Application Profile, visit and login (with the username and password that you created) to see if your information exist on the database. If it does, then you have a Profile.

  1. How do I know if I am shortlisted?

Answer: Every candidate that creates an Application Profile automatically qualifies to participate in Stage 2. Be sure to follow the social media handles to know when Stage 2 is announced.

  1. The website is not responding/I am seeing and error message/I am finding it difficult to update my profile, what do I do?

Answer: Just check back within an hour or two. Sometimes this problem resolves itself within some minutes.

  1. Can I volunteer with SUSDEVI?

Answer: Yes but we do not have need for volunteers at the moment. Volunteering opportunity will be publicized when needed.

  1. How do I proceed to the next stage?

Answer: After creating an Application Profile, follow the social media channels and wait until the next Stage (Stage 2) is announced.

  1. When is the Stage 2 (online assessment)?

Answer: This will be in early February, after the close of Stage 1. The exact date will be announced on the social media channels.

  1. I reside in a State not being considered; can I still apply to work in another state?

Answer: Yes you can.

  1. Can I create multiple Application Profiles to apply for more than one position/location?

Answer: No you should not. Please do not create more than one Application Profile as this will definitely disqualify you.

If you have already created more than one Application Profile, you can delete them by following the steps below;

  1. Visit and login into the account that you wish to delete
  2. Click on the settings Icon
  3. Select My Account
  4. Click on the Delete Account tab and enter your password to confirm delete.
  5. Do this for as many accounts/profiles that you wish to delete until you have only one left.
  6. I have a second class or third class degree, can I still apply?

Answer: Yes you can.

All applicants with post secondary school qualification will be given equal opportunity to prove their competence as SUSDEVI will not consider class of academic result as criteria for assessment.

  1. How do I create an Application Profile?

Answer: Visit and read the guidelines.

  1. Is there any age limit?

Answer: This exercise is open to all adults of legal working age.

  1. “Is it mandatory to share the job vacancy on the various social media handles or we should just follow SUSDEVI on the social media platforms?”

Answer: Please read the guidelines at

  1. “How much is the pay? Not stated on web.”

Answer: No pay scale for Nigeria has been revealed

  1. “Plz can someone tell me what this is about???”

Answer: Visit for information

  1. “Have applied please what next”

Answer: Follow the social media channels and wait until the next Stage is announced.

  1. “Must I fill every information in the form especially all the social media link?”

Answer: No you must not. Only fill as much as you can (the more the better).

  1. I desire to know more about Sustainable Development International

Answer: You can visit the main website at or use the term “Sustainable Development International, SUSDEVI” to conduct search on search engines

  1. Due to my present location and status, I am unable to use computer for this application. What can I do?

Answer: Although it is highly recommended that you use a computer (laptop or desktop), you may try using a phone to see how that turns out.

  1. My username and password is being rejected on the website, what could be the problem?

Answer: It may be that you are yet to register such username and password on the website. You need to be registered on the website first before you can use the username and password.

  1. “I imputed my exact twitter profile URL correctly but it still shows invalid “enter a valid twitter profile or URL”

Answer: This doesn’t seem to be a problem from the website. Your Twitter profile url should look like “

  1. “I am a … by profession. Am I qualified to apply?”

Answer: If you have acquired any Post Secondary qualification, you are qualified to apply (irrespective of your field of study). If you are still a student and yet to complete a Post Secondary School education (so you have no certificate or statement of result to show), please DO NOT apply.

  1. What should I do after creating an Application Profile, following up on the social media channels and sharing the Vacancy Announcement?

Answer: Nothing. If you have done these, wait for when the online screening will be announced on the social media channels provided. You can continually share the Vacancy Announcement while waiting.

  1. I can’t find any SUBMIT button

Answer: There is no SUBMIT button. Just click on Update Application Profile when you are done with filling out the form.

  1. How can I submit my CV/Resume/application letter?

Answer: Physical CVs or Resumes are not accepted. To apply, kindly visit and follow the instructions.


Conclusion on SUSDEVI Login – SUSDEVI Next Stage & SUSDEVI Test

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SUSDEVI Test has Started Online on SUSDEVI Facebook Page today 23, March 2019. See the Online Test Timetable here in details.