Build your career with LinkedIn

Build your career with LinkedIn: Introduction And Overview.

It is not a joking matter when we keep emphasizing that you should build your career with LinkedIn. Now let’s have an overview of social network as a whole before we narrow it down to LinkedIn. It is no longer news, when we say social network sites now pull over 70% of the web traffic. It is no longer news when we also say that social network platforms have gone beyond social activities. Over the years individuals, religion, private and government organization have taken other activities like business, career, politics, religion etc. to social network. Of course there has been quite a lot of positive result from this new trend. For instance, about 93% of recruiters now use LinkedIn as one of their methods for recruitment while about 45% of those recruiters depend on only LinkedIn for their recruitment and the percentage keep increasing by the day. That is why it can’t be overemphasized when we urge you to build your career with LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media network like Facebook and Twitter, however LinkedIn is not just a social network for only social activities, LinkedIn is a social network for anybody who is professionally minded, and it’s a platform that has the ability to connect the right job seekers to the right employers, the right employers to the right job seekers, the right sellers to the right buyers and the right buyers to the right sellers that is why you must build your career with LinkedIn. As a matter of fact LinkedIn help everybody in all sphere of life to take their career and profession to a higher level. Once again, we will not hesitate to let you know that you will be doing yourself a lot of good if you build your career with LinkedIn.

Who Needs LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is useful for everybody so everybody need to use it because there is no human being on earth that does not have a career or a profession. However, to build your career with LinkedIn you must first accept that you have a career and a profession and that you are ready to let them grow.

Although LinkedIn is useful for everybody, employers and job seekers use it more often because the platform is more geared towards their direction. So in the next paragraph of this article we will be looking at LinkedIn as it relates to employers and job seekers, so that you can know how to properly build your career with LinkedIn especially if you are a job seeker or someone who wants to build his or her career in any field.

Employers Versus LinkedIn

Of course employers form a very good percentage of LinkedIn users because they can take advantage of the tools in LinkedIn to perform real time recruitment. It is the presence of these employers on LinkedIn that brings about the presence of job seekers on LinkedIn, and vice versa.

When we say build your career with LinkedIn as job seekers it’s because these employers are constantly using this platform to search for you. Below are some of the things these employers do with LinkedIn:

  • They organize a list of candidates they feel marches their job positions
  • They regularly share their job opening to millions of users who are on the network
  • Their company page on LinkedIn usually reflect various job description for the jobs they are advertising
  • These employers go as far as paying for these job adverts on LinkedIn network to reach more job seekers professionally

Job Seekers Versus LinkedIn

Our major focus in this article are the job seekers, so if you are a job seeker read this paragraph very carefully so as to be well acquainted with how to build your career with LinkedIn. Now that you know that millions of employers are regularly posting job adverts and performing all kinds of recruitment exercise on LinkedIn Social Network, there is no better time to get started and maintain a professional looking profile on LinkedIn if you really want to build your career with LinkedIn.

Now that you have made up your mind to create an account on LinkedIn, below are some of the major features you will come across when you get started on the platform:

  1. Home
  2. My network
  3. Interest
  4. Profile
  5. Jobs
  6. Pending Invitation
  7. Messages


Each of the features above are quite unique, the professional manner in which you use them determine the result you will get, especially  the way you set up your profile.

The next article we are planning to write is how to use the above features professionally to get your dream job and enhance your career. For now we are going to drop our pen and allow you to drop your comment to enable us know your area of interest and concern so as to make our next article more useful to you.

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