The Secrets of Passing Job Interviews

Introduction To The Secrets of Passing Job Interviews: General Overview:

What is Job Interview?

The answer to this question look so simple that many people may think that it is not necessary to define it. Ironically, because many people have not taking time over the years to actually know the meaning, so the secrets of passing job interviews remain hidden from them. However, if you have taken time to actually know what job interview means and what is expected of you when you are called for job interview, the secrets of passing job interviews will be made open to you, and when this secret is open to you securing a job will no longer be far-fetched.

Now let’s put the meaning in a simple way. “Job interview is that time when you have to put action to your words’’

That definition might sound inconclusive; ok let me drag it further. Remember in that CV you submitted there were quite a lot of enticing qualifications you displayed, talking about your academy, skill, experiences etc. What about your cover letter? Remember you were so positive about yourself that you made the employer believe that you are just the round peg in the round hole. You actually aroused his interest in you that he can’t wait to meet you. So the only time the employer have to have you put action to those positive stories about yourself is during the interview. Can you now see why I say “Job interview is that time when you have to put action to your words?’’.


Focus Of This Discussion?

Although I have explained the meaning of job interview but for the purpose of unraveling the secrets of passing job interviews, I will not be focusing on the action you have to display before the interview panel so as to prove the words of confident you stated in your CV and cover letter but rather I will be revealing those little things 90% of job seekers ignore when preparing for job interview which are even the major part of the secrets of passing job interviews. But before I reveal these things, first I want you to know when job interview actually starts, because this is a sine qua non when it comes to the secrets of passing job interviews.


When Does The Interview Start?

Job interview starts right from the moment an invitation for interview was sent to you. That is actually stage one. When I enter the next paragraph I will now reveal all the stages, which are actually the things I said in the previous paragraph that I will reveal and they form major part of the secrets of passing job interviews.

Stages of Job Interview (Secrets Revealed)

Stage 1:

This is the moment an invitation was sent to you for job interview. The recruiting officer wants to know how well you keep track of your email which shows your seriousness. So they want to know how early you reply.

Stage 2:

This is the reply stage which many people ignore because they believe they are not supposed to reply. You must acknowledge that you have received their mail and that you will be available for the interview except the mail is from ‘No-reply Sender’. They also monitor the professional way you reply, so be mindful of your grammar.

Stage 3:

Your punctuality at the interview venue. This stage form a very important part of the secrets of passing job interviews. You must wake up early, beat traffic jam and arrive before time. They use this to have an idea of how your punctuality to the office will be if you are eventually employed.

Stage 4:

This stage measures the way you conduct yourself the moment you arrive at the interview venue. As a matter of fact some recruiting team deliberately position some people at the background of the interview venue to keep track of the candidate’s behavior and self-composure at the interview venue. This is one aspect you must take note of if you really want to be acquainted with the secrets of passing job interviews.

Stage 5:

This is the final stage where you will have to meet face to face with the interview panel. This is actually the climax of it all when it comes to the secrets of passing job interviews. Here you must be very careful how you answer the various questions that will be thrown at you, you must try as much as possible to look at the person talking straight in the eyes, know what he or she is up to so that you can say exactly what he or she expects you to say. Most importantly, be confident in yourself, be bold and never ever look, talk or act timid, I repeat never ever look timid because that is a success killer at the interview. Remember here they are expecting you to add some proof to those beautiful stories you narrated about yourself in the CV and the cover letter you submitted to them. Don’t forget that the secrets of passing job interviews is not complete without this stage.


In summary, I want to give you some things you must avoid at the interview waiting room otherwise the secrets of passing job interviews is still far from you.

Things to Avoid At the Interview Waiting Room:

  1. Never sit when you arrive until you are told to do so.
  2. Avoid too many questions, instead wait for instruction.
  3. Maintain as much quietness as possible, avoid chatting away with other candidates.
  4. Never ever charge your phone no matter how important it is even if you see others doing it.
  5. Don’t ever complain to other candidates no matter how long they keep you waiting because they might be testing your patience which is highly required at the real time work place.
  6. No matter how hungry you are never ever eat snacks at the waiting room. This has been one of our no go area when it comes to the secrets of passing job interviews.
  7. Lastly, try as much as possible to completely ease yourself before even entering the compound of the interview venue, that is make sure you empty your bowel and you bladder because requesting for convenience to ease yourself is also a top no go area in the secrets of passing job interview, no matter how honourable the manner in which you want to request for it.



Conclusively, you must hold on to God and exercise some level of faith before venturing into the venue of any job interview. In my years of experience no one ever succeeds in his or her career outside God.

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