The Major Reasons Why You Are Still Jobless

Major Reasons Why You Are Still Jobless: Introduction

In this article: The major reasons why you are still jobless, we are going to take Nigeria as a case study. Joblessness has become a major keyword when anybody writes about Nigeria as a country, but ironically Nigeria has what it takes to erase that keyword from her story. What are the major reasons why you are still jobless? Is a question every Nigerian jobless graduate must answer to enable us erase this ugly keyword of “Joblessness” from Nigeria’s story.

This issue has bothered our mind over the years so we decided to go on survey and research on this topic. We also issued questionnaires to Nigeria jobless graduates on this topic: “The major reasons why you are still jobless”.


My Own Experience As Regards To The Major Reasons Why You Are Still Jobless:

Several years ago when I graduated from the university, I noticed this strings of joblessness was almost rounding my neck, so I started running from pillar to post seeking for who will give me a job and help me pull this strings of joblessness off my neck. After fruitless efforts, in my solitary I asked myself a simple question: What are the major reasons why you are still jobless? To my greatest amazement I noticed that the answer to my question was myself? To my greatest surprise I was the major reason for my joblessness. There were certain things I needed to have been doing as a young graduate which I wasn’t doing and there were also certain things I was doing which I was not doing well. I discovered that I was not selling myself enough to employers. For example, my CV was not professionally written, most of my Cover Letters were not professional, I wasn’t targeting the right job opening, above all I was never prepared for most job interview before the date of the interview because I felt they should have given me enough time to prepare which was not a good reason.


What Got Me Flying In My Career:

The major reasons why you are still jobless will be unraveled after I share my major discovery with you, just keep reading. The major discovery that got me flying in the atmosphere of my career was when I realized that I didn’t necessarily need to work in a multinational company to stay out of joblessness. To reduce the long story I started thinking towards the line of becoming a boss myself, hence I chose to use the wealth of experience I gathered during my years of job search to establish a Human Resource Service Organization that will enable me contribute my quota towards the eradication of unemployment menace in Nigeria, at the same time help myself and my family stay out of poverty for life. This is how the popular Nigeria job portal by JOBS GIVERS HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICE where millions of Nigerians have gainfully used to secure employment came onboard. The name of that job portal is Believe you me, it didn’t cost me much money to get started. Any jobless graduate who has passion for this line of business can get started; it’s all about passion and getting the right direction which I’m willing to give anybody free of charge if he or she is willing to learn.

Before I proceed to the next subheading of this article I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and ask the person you see in the mirror this simple question, what are the major reasons why you are still jobless. Write down the answers and continue reading.


Advice And Recommendation

It is true that our leaders in government are not making things easy for Nigerian Graduates, however that is not enough reason why you should remain jobless for life. You must take the bull by the horns and pull the strings of joblessness and poverty off your neck because the major reasons why you are still jobless are those little things you should have done which you are not doing, taking my story above as a case study.

Apply the tips below, I promise you will eventually share your success story with us here on job portal, and this topic: The major reasons why you are still jobless, will be a proverbial topic you will be making parable with.

  1. Keep developing yourself even if you have not gotten invitation for job interview yet.


  1. Never submit an application in a hurry, take your time to prepare your CV and Cover Letter professionally.



  1. Never apply for jobs at random, know what you want and have passion for and then go for it.


  1. Never idle your time away with social activities on social network platforms, instead take advantage of them and connect yourself to the right employers. For example you can build your career with LinkedIn Social Network. Check out our article on build your career with LinkedIn. You can also take advantage of our Facebook page and connect with JOBS GIVERS. New job openings are posted on our page on daily basis.


  1. Employers generally prefer skills to certificates; don’t allow that beautiful grade on your certificate to go into your head. Get more skills while you wait for that dream job because in the battle field of career, skills will definitely defeat certificates. You might have been carried away by your good certificate, that could be the major reasons why you are still jobless.

Final Advice You Can’t Ignore

Your years of job search might just be God’s training ground for you to be a boss yourself. Dare to venture into entrepreneurship like me. There are thousands of online legitimate businesses and they are generally cheap to start, all you need is passion and the right direction which I’m very much willing to give at zero cost. The major reasons why you are still jobless might be as a result of the fact that you think you must work in a big multinational company which might not also be God’s plan for you.

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