How to Get the Job you deserve in Nigeria

The phrase ‘Getting a job’ is an exciting thing every young graduate wants to hear because everybody wants to pursue his or her career and achieve as much as he or she can achieve in life. That is why it becomes very important to know how to get the job you deserve in Nigeria.

But when it comes to Nigeria, the phrase ‘Getting a job’ is and exciting one  for graduates as the  entire Nigeria system is not conducive for getting a job, even if you do it’s usually not the type that you deserve. However in this article we are going to show you how to get the job you deserve in Nigeria. We promise you that you are going to share your testimony on Jobs Givers Portal and start teaching other people how to get the job you deserve in Nigeria. In the past I read several books on how to get the job you deserve in Nigeria but none of those books actually increased my chances of getting a job in Nigeria because all the books deviated from the major cause of joblessness in Nigeria. The books tend to shift the 95% of the cause of joblessness in Nigeria to the Nigeria Government. Although Nigeria government will share from the blame but over 60% of the reasons why Nigerian graduates are under-employed or even jobless are actually caused by these Nigerian graduates themselves.

This article is going to be very brief because in the past we have written several articles on different issues of careers in Nigeria. These articles have the answer to the question of how to get the job you deserve in Nigeria. So we will summaries this article by introducing you to those previous articles of ours.

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