Best Job Search Keywords for Jobs Seekers

Most job seekers spend about 30% of their time online searching for job vacancies on job portals like However very few of these job seekers actually get the exact job opening that matches what they are looking for. The reason for this shortfall is because they have not been able to take advantage of the best Job Search Keywords for Jobs Seekers.

We are going to be very brief about this article as we intend to heat the nail on the head straightaway by highlighting the best Job Search Keywords for Jobs Seekers, which will enable you as a job seeker find that your desired specific job among the thousands of job listing found on these job portals like

Things to Know Before even Venturing into Job Search:

  • Here, I will just explain few tips you need to put into consideration before even venturing into job search, because if you don’t properly put your career house in other your effort of getting your dream job will still end up in futility even if you have all the best Job Search Keywords for Jobs Seekers in the world. For example, social network platforms have grown beyond social activities hence you can now build your career with LinkedIn, a popular social network platform. As a matter of fact before you take any action after reading this article, you must look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question: ‘what are the major reasons why you are still jobless’. After you have finished asking yourself this question, you have to now try as much as possible to know the secrets of passing job interviews. Remember you are in Nigeria, so you must be well informed on how to get the job you deserve in Nigeria. Now back to our subject matter which is the best Job Search Keywords for Jobs Seekers.

Although there are thousands of job keywords to use on job search portal but we are going to be giving you the most relevant ones which we regard as best Job Search Keywords for Jobs Seekers. We may not explain each of the keyword much, we just expect you to swoop into action and make good use of them. Report back to us if necessary, we are always ready to help. Below are the selected ones:

  1. Job tile
  2. Industry
  3. Location
  4. Job type
  5. Salary range
  6. Job category
  7. Your skill
  8. Experience required

Note: There are various job boards you can use the above keywords to search  for job but we highly recommend using our job board (

However, you might not be able to find every job you are looking for on job boards because of the limited number of job listings that are possible to be listed in a single job board at every point a time. If you want to have access to more jobs with those key words we recommend searching through jobs aggregators website because they aggregate different job boards together in one single job portal thereby making all the available job vacancies in these various job boards accessible on that single job portal. One of those job aggregators we recommend is

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